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Monday June 22, Innosite held an event where users, competition owners and former jurors were invited to meet eachother and have green drinks in the sun.

There were exciting presentations about open innovation in the construction industry and the power of the crowd, as well as time for mingling and meeting each other one on one. The result was a cozy get-together, where we had the opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions. Here are some mood pictures from the day, for those of you who could not attend.

COMMUNITY SPACE: Competition kick off

There was a great deal of interest and a very positive atmosphere on Tuesday 19 May, when Ørestad Library hosted the kick off event for the competition, Community Space.

A mixture of local residents, students and other interested parties headed to Ørestad to hear about some of the challenges the competition hopes to tackle.

The library enjoys a very central location with a great space adjacent to the entrance, an idealsetting for meeting, relaxing and enjoying city life and urban ambience. But even on a sunny day in May the space was at the mercy of the winds and came across as desolate and uninviting

This is the very focus of the competition. It is looking for innovative ideas to adapt the public space and inspire a sense of community.

The organisers of the competition also took part in the kick off event, answering questions from those present. Many questions referred to the framework of the competition. Is it also allowed to work on the space under the subway? Is it allowed to incorporate the canal into the public space? Is it allowed to plant trees etc. on the space, thus transforming parts of the surface?

The answer was brief. If you think it’s a good idea, go for it! The contest is very much rooted in the concept of open innovation, so feel free to challenge the framework, if you think that will lead to the best solution for the site.

After a guided tour of the area and a cup of coffee from the coffee cart, the guests departed. Now we are waiting in suspense for the great ideas, in the hope and belief that someone will come up with something special. Good luck in the competition!

>> Read more and join the competition here

MIND THE GAP: Opening ceremony

The competition MIND THE GAP sought suggestions for exciting improvements that will create more life along Emil Holms canal. Two of the suggestions have now been realized in the form of a beautiful new wooden deck down to the water surface and water robots which use light and movement to imitate life.

Photo: Kurt Pedersen

Friday, April 24, the winning idea, "Åkander, Trædesten og en Trappe” (Water Lilies, Stepping Stone and Staircase) byMorten Kjer and the runner-up, ”ORB” by Pipaluk Supernova, was unveiled in Ørestad. At the opening ceremony, the suggestions were presented by the idea owners, both of which are ideas on how to create new opportunities for visiting and creating life at Emil Holms canal. 

Photo: Janek Mastek

The realization consists of various elements along Emil Holms canal; a staircase, two wooden decks by the water and, finally, the ORBs in front of KUA.

Wooden deck and a staircase

Floating ORBs and wooden deck

The attendees then enjoyed complimentary canapés and champagne from the new Restaurant "Study", while viewing the new wooden decks in the afternoon sun.

Photo: Janek Mastek

Photo: Kurt Pedersen

The Mind The Gap competition was held on Innosite between 22 October and 17 December 2013, and more than 150 proposals were submitted.

>> Read more about the competition and the winning ideas here

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winners, Marianne and Signe! They have made a proposal on how to make the fence of the construction site a generator for interactivity and urban life. This week’s prize is a guide to new architecture in Copenhagen. 

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Mikhail! His idea ‘Home’ is a proposal on how to make the feeling and atmosphere at the construction site more cozy and homelike. He has won the book ‘Temporary Architecture Now!’.

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Morten! Morten’s idea ‘Interactive Projection’ transforms the façade of construction sites into an interactive artwork. He has won the book ‘Design Basics’. 

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

This week's winner is Christopher Anton! Christopher has generated activity in the competition, both by uploading the three ideas ’Interactive Barriers’, ’Under Construction’ and ’Obstruction into Opportunity’, and by giving constructive feedback on the ideas of others. He has won the exciting book Construction Site – Metamorphoses in the city. Congratulations!

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Yuri! Yuris idea is a proposal on how to make vertical landscaping on the construction sites through plants and lightning. 

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Benny. He has made an proposal on how we can turn the construction site into something fun! Benny has won a guide to the new architecture in Copenhagen.

ON OUR WAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Allan! His idea is a proposal on how a ‘green’ fence surrounding the construction site, can have many interesting and important functions. He has won the book Manmade Environment. 

FIRE AWAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Tommy! Tommy has given a lot of inspiring feedback to different proposals in the contest. He has won a goodiebag from Innosite.


FIRE AWAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Enrique Gil! He has made an interesting proposal on residential evacuation with inspiration from science fiction films. He has won the book 100 Ideas that Changes Architecture by Richard Weston. 

FIRE AWAY: This week's winner

FIRE AWAY: This week's lucky winner is Allan who made the idea 'Brandslukningsrobot'.

Congratulations to Allan and thank you for your submition. Allan recieves the book, 'Design with Knowledge' by Henning Larsen Architects.

This Week's Winner

FIRE AWAY: This week's winner is AKA who made the idea 'Enviroment'.

Congratulations to AKA and thank you for your submition for the competition. We'll send AKA a nice book about materials, 'Transmaterial 2' by Blaine Brownell.

Check this week's winning idea out here.

FIRE AWAY: This week's winner

Last week's winner was Per Rosenkjær who made the idea 'Gammelt møder nyt'.
Congratulations Per and thank you for your submition for the competition. We are sending Per a creative kit with a sketch book and some very nice Stylefile markers. This week's winner will be seleced on Friday - that means that you still have a chance if you upload an idea today or tomorrow! HURRY UP!

FIRE AWAY: This week's winner


Congratulations to this week’s winner, Jarl! His idea ‘Sammenklap’ is a proposal on how to evacuate people and make optimal firefighting in high buildings. Jarl has won a mug from Stelton and a cool bag from Innosite.

FIRE AWAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Enrique Fernandez! Enrique has given an interesting proposal on how to improve fire safety in skyscrapers by building lifeboats into the facades. This week’s prize is the book 100 ideas that changed architecture by Richard Weston. 

Highlights from the conference


Watch the film from Innosite's conference and get all the highlights. The film is in Danish. 

SLEEP TIGHT: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winners, Andreas and Mikas! They have contributed to the contest with the idea of changing old ferries into student accommodation. This week’s prize is the book Moderators of Change – architecture that helps. 

SLEEP TIGHT: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Mirunalini! Mirunalini has made an interesting proposal for the contest ‘SLEEP TIGHT’. ‘The Adaptable Box’ fills out the voids in the city and is a rethinking of the dormitory. This week’s prize is the book Micro Green By Mimi Zeiger.


SLEEP TIGHT: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Kristina! Kristina has evaluated other people’s proposals and been giving a lot of great feedback. She has won the book Nano House by Phyllis Richardson. 

SLEEP TIGHT: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Olga Sorokina! Olga has uploaded the interesting proposal ‘Kvasi-Apartments’ and has generated activity in the competition by giving feedback other ideas. She has won the book Tiny Houses. Congratulations!

INTO THE WILD: This week's winner

This week's winner is Zeev Rajman! Zeev has generated activity in the competition by uploading the idea "Sensory Gateway", and by giving constructive feedback on the ideas of others. He has won the exciting book The Nature of Urban Design. Congratulations!

There is only 7 days left of the competition - so hurry up and upload all of your great ideas! Good luck in the competition!

INTO THE WILD: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week's winner, Rikke! Rikke has both uploaded the interesting idea 'A New World' and evaluated other people's proposals. She has won Jan Gehl's exciting book 'Life Between Buildings - Using public space'!


Mana Studio is this week's winner with the idea 'Reuse Grønttorvet'! The idea is to reuse the structure of the market hall and create room for different activities and communities. And by time, to let the area evolve with the people using it. Mana Studio has won the book How to Study Public Life by Jan Gehl & Birgitte Svarre. Congratulations!

INTO THE WILD: This week's winner

This week's winner is Julie Abitz! Julie has generated activity in the competition by uploading the idea "Træhuset" (The tree house), and by giving constructive feedback on the ideas of others. She has won these flowering grenades, filled with seeds. Congratulations!


Congratulations to Isabella Friis, this week’s winner. Her idea "Det Rullende Grønttorv" ("The Rolling Fruit and Vegetable Market") creates communities, involvement and green areas by the construction of urban gardens and activity fences, at the old Fruit and Vegetable Market site. Isabella has won the book Green Islands in the City: 25 Ideas for Urban Gardens. Keep up the good work – and congratulations again.

INTO THE WILD: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week's winner, Benny! He has already uploaded two ideas for the Into the Wild competition and has created constructive dialogue on the further development of both ideas. Benny has won the exciting book Super Nature by Malene Hauxner. Congratulations!


Congratulations to this week’s winner Aadhithya Sujith! Aadhithya has created activity in the Between Industry and City competition by having uploaded an idea and by following up on the feedback! Aadhithya wins the book How to Study Public Life by Jan Gehl & Birgitte Svarre.

INTO THE WILD: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week's winner Merete Beyer! Merete has created activity in the Into the Wild competition by already having uploaded an idea and commented on others! She has won these super cool, throw and grow Flowers Grenades!

INTO THE WILD: How to participate in our weekly contest


We will give away weekly prizes to members, who are active and create debate during the competition! So remember to help others by giving feedback and inspiration, to participate in our weekly contest!

BETWEEN INDUSTRY AND CITY: Competition kick off

On Wednesday 9 July we held a kick-off event for Innosite’s new idea competition, Between Industry and City at the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Valby. Participants were introduced to the Fruit and Vegetable Market to get inspiration for tackling the competition’s challenge: to create new life in an empty fruit and vegetable market, before houses get built there.

Johan Galster from 2+1 Idébureau and Brian Abildgaard from Ny Valby A/S gave an introduction to the competition’s background and to the district, before Innosite introduced the form and content of the competition. There followed a guided tour of the vast competition area, which encompasses both the Fruit and Vegetable Market Hall and the market site surrounding it.

The giant thermometer at the Fruit and Vegetable Market showed 30 degrees, so ice cream was served to the participants, who had the opportunity to ask questions about the site and photograph the competition area in the summer heat.

From industrial to residential district
The idea for the competition stems from the fact that the site of the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Valby is going to be redeveloped into a new residential area. In October 2015 all the tradesmen at the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Valby will be moving to new premises, and the area will begin its transformation from industrial area to residential district with the name of New Valby. The vision for the residential district is a new, charming, green neighbourhood with a focus on community and coherence with the districts that surround it.

The focus of the competition is the period of transformation, so there is going to be a temporary strategy for the area to attract curious visitors and to invest the empty market halls and outdoor spaces with life.

Brian Abildgaard explained to the people present that New Valby would like to attract a cohesive, but diverse crowd of residents, instead of creating a ghetto, catering exclusively to a homogeneous group, such as students or the elderly. The houses should also be both cheap and attractive.

Tour of the Fruit and Vegetable Market Hall
The tour round the competition area began in the 35,000-m2 Market Hall, which is ideal for many different options in terms of creating temporary activities. 

The hall provides space for both indoor and outdoor activities. Brian Abildgaard gave an example of this, where the walls are removed to create a grid structure of the hall’s basic construction. This leaves a lot of the hall available for establishing settings for temporary activities, while conjuring up visions of the site’s cultural history.

Good advice for the solution
There was then a tour of the area surrounding the Market Hall. Brian Abildgaard came up with various options for the vast, tarmac area: e.g. the unique opportunity for noisy activities next to the railway line.

>> Overview of the competition area

There is loads of parking space on the site, but no greenery. Both Brian Abildgaard and Johan Galster emphasised that it would be good idea to incorporate and describe a motivation for suggested temporary activities on the site. It might be a good idea to use the cultural history of the industrial district as a starting point.

Also, while the proposals have to function on a temporary basis, they are also welcome to work in the long term, since the houses might take many years to complete. The desire is that, while New Valby must interact with Valby, the new residential district should also stand out and possess its own identity.

Another point was that any activities in the area should draw positive attention to it. What will be going on at the Fruit and Vegetable Market site from the moment industry shuts down to the moment, when houses pop up? We look forward to seeing your many excellent ideas for temporary activities, which can support the future vision of a green sub-city, concentrating on day-to-day communities on the Fruit and Vegetable Market site.

>> Read more about the competition here

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week's winner Anne with the idea 'Der er brug for os alle' ('There is a need for all of us')! Anne suggests that vacant public housing in peripheral areas are transformed into holiday homes and that activities are created in the public areas, to facilitate joined experiences among the residents. Anne is the lucky winner of an Innosite tote bag!

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

This week's winner is Mathias with the idea 'Baugruppen'! The idea presents a German phenomenon ('the building group'), creating more possibilities to shape housing with the community as a center. Congratulations Mathias - we'll send you an Innosite t-shirt and a tote bag!

SHARE THE VIEW: Opening of Svartbag

Thursday the 26th of June, Paper Island acquired some new residents - of the seagull variety Svartbag. The four wooden sculptures are the result of the Share the View idea competition, which took place from January to March 2014. Besides celebrating the seagulls, there was an exhibition in the Paper Gallery of a selection from the 212 proposals, which were submitted to the competition.

The quayside on Paper Island is the perfect observation post. Now its southern corner has acquired four, new, winged residents as a tribute to the public space and an invitation to everyone to pay Paper Island a visit, and settle down to enjoy the magnificent view.

The winning project, Svartbag, was inaugurated by Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, CEO of CPH City and Port Development. He gave a short speech, before untying the blindfold on the eyes of one of the gulls, so it could enjoy the view along with all the other guests.

Refreshments were then served, Copenhagen Street Food sold grilled food and the gulls, which are made from plywood sponsored by UPM Plywood, were immediately put to use as seating.

In addition to the four gulls, three egg-shaped seats were also built, creating seating, from which visitors can enjoy both the view and the gulls.

The Svartbag project was based on an idea by the landscape architect, Kaare Skjerning and was realised in cooperation with Paper Island’s tenants and owners; the urban development company carlberg/christensen, COBE Architects, Christiansholm Ø ApS and CPH City and Port Development.

The Paper Gallery presented an exhibition of 30 selected ideas from the competition, where curious visitors could see what the corner of the quayside might have ended up looking like.

So the gulls have well and truly landed. But, like all other birds, they will fly away again one day. That also makes them a symbol of the transition phase, which Paper Island is presently undergoing. In 2018 it will be subject to a more permanent transformation.

>> Read more about the competition and the winning ideas here

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner Marie Brund, with the idea Multisquares! The idea creates a space for play, fun and physical activity. Marie has won the exciting book " Social housing in Denmark"!

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

This week’s winner is CY' with the idea ‘Vertical Community’! The idea is a suggestion on how to build closer and create new relationships between people, living in public housing. CY' has won the inspiring book “Rural Urban Framework” that presents a framework for transforming remote areas. Congratulations!

Picture from the book 'Rural Urban Framework' © RUF

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

This week’s winner is Johannes! His idea “Areas for senior citizen” suggests making public housing into senior housing, for creating ideal environments for the elderly. He has won the book “Rural Urban Framework” that presents a framework for transforming remote areas. Congratulations!

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week's winner Heidi Kajita! Heidi has created activity in the On the Edge competition by already having uploaded two ideas! She has won the exciting book 'Social housing in Denmark'.

DRESSED IN CLAY: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner Mads, with his idea ‘Nye facader i gamle klæder’ (New facades in old clothing). The idea is based on the possibility to reuse existing tiles instead of dressing ancient facades in new tiles. Mads has won a very cool miniature set of tiles from Petersen Tegl!

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner Rikke, with the idea The Mobile Community that presents movable modules that can be moved around public areas, according to needs. Congratulations to Rikke who has won the exciting book " Social housing in Denmark"!

DRESSED IN CLAY: This week's winner

This week’s winner is Green Pistacchio! Green Pistacchio has contributed with the idea Dressed By Nature, that presents buildings as a shelter for both people and birds. The prize is the interesting book ”Public Private Ephemeral” about ceramics in architecture. Congratulations!

DRESSED IN CLAY: This week's winner


Congratulation to Enrique Fernandez! He will receive a set of miniature tiles for his idea “Clay Dress”, where facades are covered with clay tiles formed as fish scales.



Check out Enrique’s idea here.

ON THE EDGE: This week's winner


The first winner of the competition is Michael Rendboe with his idea of placing greenhouses in the residential areas for a sense of community, integration and local involvement. Michael will receive the book “Social housing in Denmark”.


Check out Michael’s idea here

DRESSED IN CLAY: This week's winner

The winner of the miniature tiles is Karen-Lisbeth Rasmussen, for her idea about using temper clay.
Congratulations Karen-Lisbeth!

Check out her idea here.

DRESSED IN CLAY: This week's winner

This week's winner is CY ' with his beautiful idea 'Innovative Brick'. The idea focuses both on solving issues regarding energy and aesthetics. Congratulations - the prize is a fantastic kit of mini tiles, from the firm 'Mini Tegl'.

DRESSED IN CLAY: This week's winner

The first winner of the week has been found! Congratulations to Rasmus, who has won with the exciting idea ‘Hybrid Mursten', which presents a brick with the ability to purify water and cool air. Congratulations - The prize is a tile-kit from Petersen Tegl to make miniature houses.

MIND THE GAP: Exhibition in Ørestad

Just before Easter, the Mind The Gap exhibition opened at the IT University of Copenhagen in Ørestad. The exhibition presents the three winners of the Mind The Gap competition, the member’s choice and a number of other excellent proposals, which were submitted to the competition.

The opening of the exhibition included a presentation of the winning proposal which is an idea for how to generate new options for recreation and living in the vicinity of the Emil Holms canal. The guests then enjoyed a glass of champagne and a chance to take a close look at the exhibition.

First prize winner Morten Kjer

The exhibition gives you an opportunity to wander amongst the exhibition bubbles, in which 11 competition entries are displayed. Innosite held the Mind The Gap competition from 22 October to 17 December 2013. There were more than 150 entries.

You can visit the exhibition on the plaza in front of the IT University of Copenhagen (Kaj Munks Vej 7) until 11 May 2014. The exhibition will then be transferred to the Danish Architecture Centre (Strandgade 27), where it will run from 12 to 26 May 2014.

>> Read more about the competition and the winning ideas here

Transparent Shelter in progress


The spectacular winning project from the competition Transparent Shelter is now closer to realisation.

Over the last year, the architects BorgosPieper, have been doing more work on their winning project, Protected by Hands, with its innovative glass panes and curved lines. They have used part of the time to find sponsors to help realise the innovative bus shelter. B ut there is still some way to go before the final result can be completed. However, Linette Bekhøi from the Guild of Glaziers, who was the prime mover behind the competition, remains positive: “It MUST succeed, and we have received so much positive feedback that I continue to believe in it. The project is complex and challenging for the glass industry, but that is exactly what makes it so interesting. The many advanced technologies, which need to be integrated into the glass, are setting completely new standards for what a bus shelter is, and what it can do.”

The winning project ’Protected by Hands’

In December 2013 the Nordic Centre for Glass organised a workshop with the architects from BorgosPieper and students from the College of Glazing, EUC NVS in Holbæk, to develop and test the design’s possibilities in relation to the bus stop’s interior - a glass bench.

Prior to the workshop BorgosPieper had done more work on the concept of the self-supporting glass bench with integrated heating and LED lighting, and in the workshop the glazing students were given the task of heating, bending and laminating the glass and of coming up with ideas for how to realise a complete glass construction like this.

The three days of concentrated work were successful and helped the project another step along the road to completion. Subsequently, Guardian Glass have pledged their sponsorship, and the Spanish company, Cricursa have agreed to shape the glass. A very expensive item in the budget. Because the final realisation still needs another DKK 2.5m.

 The participants of the workshop

Innosite will continue to monitor the project and, together with everyone else involved, looks forward to its realisation.

The competition ran from 23 November 2012 to 30 January 2013
The competition organisers were Nordic Centre for Glass, a partnership between Erhvervsskolen EUC NVS, the United Federation of Danish Workers and the Danish Guild of Glaziers in association with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Design, Architecture and Conservation, KDAK.

>> Read more about the competition

>> See the three winners

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner Marie Stampe, with the idea DropBucket - a deployable disposable trash can of corrugated cardboard! Congratulations to Marie who has won the exciting book "Designing With Knowledge"!

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

This week's winner is Kristian with his great idea TrashCam! Congratulations - the prize is the book Vitamin Green about sustainable design.

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

Congratulations to Enrique Fernandez, this week’s winner with his idea 'Recycle Transformer'. The idea is very thoroughly worked out and is an innovative proposal for an urban recycle system. He has won the inspiring book The Greenest Home.

Check out his idea!

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner Enrique Gil with his playful idea ‘Funny Trash’! The idea incorporates some great elements of both games and having fun while managing waste. He has won the interesting book “100 Green Solutions - while we stille have time” about raising environmental awareness. 

WINTER CITY: 200 bales of straw made up the winners' joint installation for this year's Frost on Ice

During the winter Open Air Neighbourhood organised the WINTER CITY competition on Innosite with the aim of discovering innovative ideas for how to enhance the experience of an open-air concert in the winter months. Three winners were chosen, and two of the winning ideas were built as a co-installation for a Linkoban skating concert on 23 February during FROST Festival. In this context the two winning projects demonstrated how to enhance a winter event and create a unique experience, while hopefully inspiring more, similar initiatives in our winter city.

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

The architects, Open Air Neighbourhood (OAN) used the WINTER CITY competition on Innosite to find innovative proposals for how to deal with the challenges of winter. This year they collaborated with the FROST winter music festival, for which OAN were commissioned to create the architectural installations for an outdoor concert. This became the scenario for the WINTER CITY competition.

Winning ideas fused into a single installation

The overall winning idea, DAY and the runner-up, Pink Clouds were fused together and built as a co-prototype and installation for the winter concert at Toftegårds Plads, a public square in Valby. Third prize was awarded to the project, Light Beetle, the primary function of which is to create a communal, dynamic light installation. Unfortunately, the concert took place before it got really dark, so the idea would not have achieved its intended effect. Nonetheless, it is a project that could easily be borne in mind for other winter concert experiences in the future.

The fused installation comprised 200 bales of straw, each of which was wrapped in black plastic, using various colours of tape to hold them together. OAN and the winners received help from members of CPH Volunteers to wrap all the bales of straw prior to the concert. 

Photo: Open Air Neighborhood

The bales of straw were then divided up into two installations: one seating unit on the periphery of the skating rink, and one seating unit in the middle of it.

The exterior and interior installations at the skating rink on Toftegårds Plads

The construction used the bales of straw as building bricks, which helped create exciting spatialities on the square. The lightness and building-brick nature of the materials invited the audience to shove the bales around, stack them up and crawl on top of them.

The installation worked with insulation and materiality (from the idea Pink Clouds) and motion and heat (from the idea DAY). Two fireplaces were erected in reference to the winning project, and strip lights were concealed in the seating units to create warmth and light, when it got dark.

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson 

The moment the installation was set up, people started to use it. Visitors used the bales of straw to lie on and bask in the winter sun, as a place to rest while skating, and as seats to snuggle up with one another, while enjoying the concert. Meanwhile, the two fireplaces created a cosy, warm atmosphere in the cold of winter.

The construction team, consisting of the winners, OAN and members of CPH Volunteers

Both the winners of the WINTER CITY competition and OAN were very pleased with, and proud of the finished installation, not to mention the fantastic response from the public. In future projects, OAN will incorporate the innovative winning ideas from the WINTER CITY competition with the objective of ensuring that our city functions equally well in winter as in summer.

WINTER CITY: The winners are decorating the ice rink at Toftegårds Plads

When Linkoban plays at an ice skating disco at Toftegårds Plads this afternoon, you can get a glimpse of how a future outdoor concert experience might look like!

The first and second prize winners of the competition are building prototypes of their winning ideas, together with Open Air Neighborhood and a bunch of cool volunteers, for the Frost Festival winter concert! They are decorating the ice rink at Toftegårds Plads with an innovative installation, aiming at making the outdoor experience at Frost Festival even better.

The event is being held this afternoon, Sunday the 23rd of February, at 16!

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

Congratulations to this week's winner AKA! AKA has created activity in the TRASH OR TREASURE competition by already having uploaded 3 ideas! He has won the exciting book 'The Landscape Of Waste'. Congratulations once again!

Check out the 3 ideas:

'Recycle by yourself'
'Back to industry'
'Use it'

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

This week's winner is Bartosz Domiczek who has uploadet an interesting idea on how to make it easier to manage waste in homes by proposing an adjustable size sorting bin. He has won the book “Remake It Home” which is packed with tips and inspirational designs for a more resourceful living!

Check out the idea here

SHARE THE VIEW: This Week's Winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner, the group Snö Scapes, with their idea “Finding the Mermen”! The idea attaches visitors to the location by electing a merman every month through an online community, which will be exhibited at the quay corner. The idea is fun and engaging and the prize is the inspiring book 'Going Public'.

Find out more about the idea here

TRASH OR TREASURE: This Week's Winner

The first winner of the week has been found! Congratulations to the design group Rafadam Design! The idea TRASHTRAY focuses on how to manage trash in public spheres and calls for use by its Do-It-Yourself kit design and nice geometric shape, which forms your own personal trash can. The prize is the book 'Cradle To Cradle' by Michael Braungart and William McDonough. Check out their idea here

Publication from the Accessible Everyday competition - read and download

This publication focuses on accessibility and on designing level access entrances as a way of making society more accessible for all.

The publication is based on the contest ACCESSIBLE EVERYDAY, which was held on the innovation platform Innosite.dk in autumn 2013. In the contest, the Danish Architects’ Association called for creative, innovative and functional ideas for the design and construction of level access entrances. In addition, the entrances also had to prevent rainwater from getting into the building and provide effective insulation against heat and cold.

A total of 46 proposals were submitted and reviewed by a professional jury representing a variety of perspectives on accessibility, design and innovation. In this publication the jury members offer their views on accessibility in the built environment, best practices, legal requirements, the role of research in expanding and refining our understanding of the concept of accessibility and our responsibility for ensuring the physical conditions for an equitable society. In the intro¬duction, Natalie Mossin, chairman of the jury and president of the Danish Architects’ Association, shares her thoughts on the need to transform challenges into potentials and make accessibility for all a natural part of any design process.

The publication also presents the three winning proposals and nine other, selected proposals, which demonstrate functional, user-friendly and innovative solutions for creating level access entrances.

Read or download here:

SHARE THE VIEW: This Week's Winner

The winning idea this week is 'Speech Bubble' by Iondesign! It is a very fun idea that prepares the ground for interactions and playfulness. The prize is the inspiring book “Distortions” about Décosterd & Rahm. It presents their experimental architectural projects in which they use time and space as architectural materials to explore the density of bodies.

Congratulations to Iondesign! Check out the idea here

SHARE THE VIEW: Last Week's Winner

Congratulations to the very first “winner of the week” in our new competition, Kasper Hansen, with his idea 'Through the Looking-Glass'. The idea is beautifully and thoroughly worked out. He has won the inspiring book “Urban Pioneers” about temporary use and urban development. Check out his idea!

SHARE THE VIEW: Competition kick off

At Friday the 24th of January, an inspirational kick off event was held in “Papirgalleriet” on Holmen for the competition, Share The View. Inspiring presentations on the subject of communities and installations in urban spaces set the stage for the competition’s challenge to create a creative, surprising and sensuous proposal for converting a corner of the quay on Papirøen (“Paper Island”).

More than 60 people turned up for the kick off event, which involved inspiring talks about the competition, a presentation of the competition site, and an opportunity to ask questions. To equip the competitors as thoroughly as possible for the task, Nicolai Carlberg of carlberg|christensen gave an exciting talk about community and urban life.

In an effort to describe various types of community and to categorise the kind of community intended for Papirøen, he made use of two concepts coined by the sociologist, Robert D. Putnam: bonding and bridging. They pinpoint the difference between: socialising with people, who are like you; and making friends with people, who are not like you. The non-binding nature makes it possible to socialise regardless of social and cultural differences, and it is this kind of socialising (bridging), which the Share The View competition is looking for. It is all about getting out of one’s own bubble and creating a positive experience to promote this kind of community.

>> Read more about the concepts here

Bettina Lamm from the Landscape Architecture and Planning Department of the University of Copenhagen gave an inspiring talk about installations in public spaces, providing lots of excellent examples of how to create both non-binding communities and meeting points and motion installations in urban and landscape spaces.

One example of how the city’s art has developed from something monumental into something, which integrates and involves people, is the installation, "Sid Ned!" ("Sit Down!"), created by Parfyme in 2006. It comes across as a hilly landscape in the middle of Mimersgade in Nørrebro. The work involves local people and depends on the human body for its ultimate completion.

>> Read more about Sid Ned! here

Bettina explained how installations can affect public spaces in the following ways:
- by transforming: they can re-programme a specific site from being a place of industry to a place of culture
- by scaling: they can convey the relationship between the body and the space surrounding it
- by framing: they can make a stage set out of human encounters through play and interaction

Participants were then given a guided tour of the competition site on the corner of the quay, where the winning idea will be constructed. It was bitterly cold, so hot chocolate and croissants were served to the participants, who asked questions about the site, took photographs and learned more about the site from Nicolai Carlberg.

The event ended with a small presentation about Innosite and open innovation, and another opportunity to ask questions about the form and content of the contest.

We can’t wait to see all your excellent ideas for the competition!

This Week's Winners

WINTER CITY this week's winner is Isbjerge på Toftegårds Plads by Kaare. Congratulations!
Kaare will be rewarded with 2xtickets for a FROST festival koncert.

This Week's Winners

WINTER CITY: Congratulations to this week's winner Rusik Kulikusik! The idea Heat Kernal is very innovativ and we are looking forward to know more about the development of the inflated cushions. The prize is a book 'Modern North' by Julie Decker, that we will send to Rusik. 

This week's winner

Winter City: Congratulations to this week's winner Enrique Fernandez! We are sending you the book 'How to Study Public Life' by Gehl & Svarre for your great idea: Light Clouds Over Winter City.

This Week's Winner

WINTER CITY: This week's winner is Heather McAuliffe with her idea Outdoor Dance Party. We are sending her the book Modern North by Julie Decker. Congratulations and merry X-mas!

This week's winner

We are happy to announce this week's two winners. The winner of MIND THE GAP this week is Mike Warren with the idea The Hills. It's a crazy but very inspiring idea and we will reward that with an Innosite T-shirt. Congratulations to Mike! Check it out

And the winning idea of WINTER CITY this week is Frost Stage by TRIM arkitekter. Check it out here.
TRIM arkitekter will be rewarded with 2xtickets for a FROST festival koncert. 
We are looking forward to see the development of the idea.

*We have by mistake written in the newsletter to day that this week's winners was  Johan Kjartanson / Maria Viva / Antonio Luna and Echo Park. They were both the winners of last week, this week is Mike Warren and TRIM Arkitekter. We apologize this confusion. 

Meet Innosite member No 2000

Peter Sand is Innosite member number 2000. We did a mini-interview with him, and asked who he is and why he signed up at Innosite.

Peter Sand is 31 years old and graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture in 2009. Now he works at Gottlieb Paludan Architects in Copenhagen.

On a private basis he participates regularly in open competitions. Read more about that at www.peter-sand.dk.

Why have you signed up at Innosite?
I'm signed up to participate in Mind the Gap competition and thereby help to improve the physical environment in Ørestad Nord. Moreover, I find the concept of Innosite interesting and innovative compared to more traditional forms of competition.

What do you expect to get out of Innosite?
A more fruitful idea processing phase and with luck a realized winning project!

In 2000-Member-gift, Peter gets the book "How to study public life" and the Innosite t-shirt and bag.

MIND THE GAP/ WINTER CITY: This Week's Winners

MIND THE GAP: The idea 'We are in the Gap' by the group Johan Kjartanson / Maria Viva / Antonio Luna is this week’s winner. We like the way they work with the bike parking issue and are looking forward to see the development of the idea. Congratulations from Innosite and keep up the good work! We will send 3 cool Innosite totebags to the team - check out the idea here.

WINTER CITY: The idea 'Lys og Farve' by Echo Park is this week’s winner . Congrats to you from Innosite and keep up the good work. We will send the legendary Innosite tote bag to Echo Park - You can see the idea here.

MIND THE GAP: This week's winner

Congratulations to this week's winner Andrea! She has uploaded a very elegant and creative idea. We will send a cool innosite t-shirt to Andrea - check out her idea “Poetry Of Nature”.

MIND THE GAP: This week's winner

This week's winning idea is WE.DO.TETRIS. We especially like it because of the playfulness ! The idea is made by the group Rahbekx2 - Congratulations we'll send you 2 Innosite tote bags!




COOL CONSTRUCTION : Opening of ‘Den generøse væg’ 

Today Frederiksberg’s mayor Jørgen Glenthøj opened a new great metro station fence at Frederiksberg Station . The fence is the result of the Innosite contest Cool Construction. The competition asked for ideas on how to design the fence and urban space around the Metro construction site at Frederiksberg Station. The winner was the Danish architect student Frederik Lønow who won with his idea ' Den generøse væg’ (The generous wall). We joined the opening and got a little talk to the idea maker!

Congratulations on the opening of your work. Are you satisfied with the result?

Frederik Lønow:
Yes, it is as I had imagined, but I am still curious to how it will work in practice and whether people will use it in the summer time.

What inspired you to design?

Frederik Lønow:
I had this idea that one should be able to sit inside the wall. I came out here to look at the site and saw that there were some ground protection mats on the asphalt. This inspired me to do something that grabbed into the space and the result from that inspiration became the long paths crossing the area. The facade of the cafe has a border with a pattern in which the bricks go in and out. I chose to dramatize this detail into the facade on the generous wall, and it has provided some natural spaces to stay in. Also I kept thinking it had to be something that was relatively easy to realize.

.. and the red color?

Frederik Lønow:
Yes it was actually quit random that i chose this color. But I 'm very happy for the warm glow it has, and it defines the space and makes you want to stay.

Innosite: What are you going to do now that you have completed your work on the wall?

Frederik Lønow: I study at the School of Architecture and is about to finish my master thesis, so the next five weeks I will be really busy with that and then I don’t know what I’m up to - maybe participate in some more competitions at Innosite!

Innosite: Ha ha , we are looking forward to see more ideas from you and good luck with the thesis!

Cool Construction Opening

The winning idea from the Cool Construction competition 'Den generøse væg' has now been implemented by Frederiksberg Metro stop. Please join us for the opening on Tuesday at 2:45 PM
The event will be in Danish.

MIND THE GAP: This week's winner

This week's winner is Gorm Palmgren! We appreciate the good comments he's giving the participants in Mind the Gap - Congratulations Gorm we'll send you an innosite t-shirt!
Check out Gorm's profile here.

CULTURE PARK: Award Ceremony

Tuesday the 29th of October, Høje Taastrup Municipality held a public meeting regarding Hedehusene City Park, and the winners of the Culture Park competition were presented with their prizes.

The group Colectivo AC received 3rd place for their proposal "ballON", which creates awareness and identity to the City Park by launching a big, yellow balloon as an observation post and as a landmark. The group participated in the award ceremony from Venezuela via Skype.

Ieva Butkute received 2nd place for the proposal "CIP" that places beautiful, sculptural steel constructions in the landscape. Ieva was also participating in the award ceremony from Italy via Skype.

Louise de Neergaard received 1st place for her proposal "Its all about Earth" and was physically present to receive her prize and to present her proposal. The proposal divides the park in the heath and the scrub, and a trail system innovatively describes the history and the development of the area and provides scope for activity and contemplation.

About 30 people participated in the award ceremony, where architects from Spectrum Architects presented the master plan for Hedehusene City Park, which the winning proposal will be part of. Citizens were then given the opportunity to make comments and questions to the master plan.

The renewal of the park is part of a larger plan for the area renewal in Hedehusene, which is ranging from 2011 - 2016, and focuses on 3 key urban spaces: Hedehushallen, Hedehusene City Park and the station.

Louise is right now collaborating with Spectrum Architects on the implementation of her proposal "Its all about Earth", which is planned carried out during spring 2014.

>> Read more about the winning proposals and watch jury comments

MIND THE GAP: This Week's Winners

Congratulations to Skac who is this week's winner!
We will send you a cool innosite t-shirt and a big congratulations.
Check out the idea 'Enjoy the Gap'.

MIND THE GAP: Kick off and inspiration for the competition


How do you show the potential of the city's blue areas and create life along the canal in Ørestad North? This is the challenge in the new competition "Mind The Gap".

35 people participated when Innosite held an inspirational kick off event for the competition Mind The Gap on 31. october, which was hosted by DR. The participants were introduced to the area along the canal and were given inspiration for solving the task in the competition.

Alexandra Vindfeld Hansen from SLA Landscape Architects gave an interesting presentation about activating people and creating urban life, to prepare the participants for the task.

GFS Ørestad was in charge of showcasing the area around Emil Holm Canal, where the participants could ask site-specific questions to the construction, water and nature. The canal, is originally thought of as an aesthetically pleasing element that reflects the tall, beautiful buildings and acts as drainage of large amounts of water, but is lacking urban elements which the competition therefore is seeking, to create more life in the area. Here are 3 important points in relation to the competition from presentation of the area:

• It is not allowed to fish or swim in the canal
• Space shall be provided for smaller boats to pass (2 m. wide)
• The street with reduced speed limit, Emil Holms Kanal, is a fire route and must be kept clear as a passageway

Good advice for the solutions

Landscape architect Alexandra Vindfeld from SLA gave an inspirational presentation, with many good examples on how to create life in urban spaces. She believes that it is important to not only think about the functions, but that you enable situations and that you think in increased biodiversity. An important question from Alexandra is the fact that when the canals are already collecting rainwater, why not use it for something in the solution? Additionally, she suggested that it might be a good idea to awaken the users senses in order to create added value and experiences. One can for example think of smells, sounds and sight.

We hope that you can use the outputs from the kick off event and we look forward to seeing all of your ideas for the competition!

MIND THE GAP: Last Week's Winners

Congratulations to Anders and thank you for the first contribution in the MIND THE GAP competition!
We will send you a t-shirt a big congratulations.
Check out the idea here.

Publication from the USE SPACE competition about temporary use of empty buildings

Do you also see the potential of these empty buildings? This publication, USE SPACE - temporariness, urban development & open innovation, casts light on the temporary use of empty buildings. With just few resources and a minimum amount of time, how can we prepare an empty building for use and new activities? How can empty buildings form a basis for the development of our towns and cities?

The focal point is the open innovation competition USE SPACE, which took place in spring 2013 here on Innosite in collaboration with the organization Givrum.nu and the association Byens Rum (“City Space”). The competition invited Danish and international entrants to submit ideas for innovative, flexible and affordable solutions for the conversion of an 800-m² attic in an empty warehouse in Aalborg Harbour to a temporary working community of stakeholders, all of whom work in the field of urban development.

In the publication you can read more about open innovation in construction and the Innosite innovation platform. In addition, we present the three winning proposals and a selection of 10 ideas from the USE SPACE competition. Finally a number of experts put the concept of “temporariness” under the microscope, focusing on the potential of temporary architecture, on temporariness as a method of innovation, and on why it is important for both society and citizens to occupy empty buildings to create invaluable urban development.

Read and download the publication here:

ACCESSIBLE EVERYDAY: Winner of the week

Congratulations to Thomas Raben-Lange, who is this weeks winner with the idea "Vippe Dør" (Tilting Door). Thomas has won both a cool Innosite t-shirt and a very nice Innosite shopping bag! Take a look at his idea here.

There is only 6 days left of the competition - so hurry up and upload all of your great ideas! Good luck in the competition!

Compressive Threshold is this week’s winner idea

Our Accessible Everyday competition has found another winner of the week. Congratulation to Arthur for his idea Compressive Threshold. 

We send him a cool black Zaha Hadid t-shirt.

Culture Park: And the winner is...


The winners of the “Culture Park” competition have now been found.

The 1st prize goes to AnnLouis for her proposal “Its all about Earth”. One of the reasons the Jury chose this proposal is that it is a down-to-earth project, which takes into account the past, the present and the future. This simple concept splits the park into the Heath and the Coppice, while a path in the marginal zone provides a highly innovative account of the area's history and development. The proposal provides space for both activity and contemplation, and the jury are sure that the proposal will be well received by the town’s residents.

The 2nd prize goes to Ieva Butkute and ​​the proposal “CIP”. This involves the placing of beautiful, sculptural steel structures in different parts of the landscape to create exciting activities and meeting points.

Colectivo AC's proposal “BallON” gets 3rd prize for its novel way of guaranteeing the Public Park a place on the map. The big yellow balloon draws attention to the park and gives it an identity, making it a landmark for the whole of Hedehusene.

We would like to congratulate all three winners, and we look forward to seeing the realisation of the winning project in spring 2014.

On 29 October at 7.00 pm Høje Taastrup Municipality will host a public meeting on the subject of Hedehusene Public Park.  At this meeting the winners of the Culture Park competition will be presented with their prizes.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event.

>> Read more about the event and register here 

>> See the winning proposals here

Inspiration for the ‘Accessible Everyday’ competition

The House of Disabled People’s Organisations played host to an inspiration and kick-off event on 17 September for the ‘Accessible Everyday’ competition. Participants were presented with rich input from talks on accessibility and examples of good and bad stepless access, combined with a fascinating guided tour of the world’s most accessible office building, to enable them to develop their own ideas for the competition. Some of the main points are summarised here.

Equal access – a basic essential for quality of life
The first presentation was made by Natalie Mossin, Chairperson of the Danish Architects’ Association, in which she explained the importance of accessibility in architecture. Not just something to be taken into account, but as a key element of the profession. Equal access for all is a basic essential for quality of life, but sadly, many people are still barred from a wide range of buildings because of inaccessible entrances.

The Architects’ Association wants the competition to generate ideas and inspiration to help architects develop better solutions when designing accessible entrances, and still be able to take into account protection from the wind and weather.
Remember to build accessibility into new solutions

Stig Langvad, Chairperson of the Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark (DPOD) explained in his presentation that stepless access according to the UN’s human rights conventions is a human right. He wants this aspect to be highlighted to a greater degree as an interesting and exciting problem, to prevent it becoming a rule, creating frustration and resentment.

Stig wants solutions to freedom from steps in buildings which incorporate equality. Buildings with ramps and stairs normally separate people able to walk normally from wheelchair-users, and steps are usually quicker than ramps. The problem of freedom from steps is solved, but wheelchair-users lose out on social interaction at the expense of their social networking, and thus creating an unequal dialogue. Equality must therefore go arm-in-arm with stepless access and accessibility.

We need constructional, robust, durable and elegant architectural solutions
Jens Dons from the Danish Building Defects Fund presented a paper on frequent defects in new buildings. The fund is responsible for inspecting public housing, and often finds damp problems when inspecting new homes even after only one year. He formulated the following problems concerning damp:

- Heavier levels of rainfall are expected in the future
- We are building more densely – and will continue to do so
- Water is not drained off well enough, causing damage to pointing and joints etc. in buildings

The requirement of stepless access to buildings has been in force since 1977, but current solutions are often poorly designed. Jens believes that new, innovative and stepless solutions must take the problems above into account.

He concluded with a report on the status quo in Denmark: A number of solutions are needed for a wide range of situations and buildings. He formulated two important criteria for accessible solutions:

- Take into account the site – is it low-lying? If so, water will drain downwards towards the building
- Take into account the ground – is there soil to absorb water?

Incorporating accessibility as an integrated part of architecture
The day was rounded off with a tour of the building, in which Jesper Boesen, Senior Consultant at the DPOD explained and demonstrated how accessibility can be included as an integrated part of buildings, and not just as an add-on.
The building is a fantastic example of how accessibility can be incorporated into its body, and during the tour, Jesper provided a few tips:

- Avoid projecting edges – even a difference in level of 5 mm can create a barrier
- Good acoustics are essential – for example, glass buildings have poor acoustics for the blind
- Strong colours aid navigation for the sight-impaired and for cognitive handicaps
- Guidelines for the blind along the sides of gangways provide reassurance. Remove obstacles such as lampposts, waste bins, bikes etc. Create good tactility, especially outdoors on rough surfaces
- Ramps are no good, as many people find them difficult to ascend

Accessible Everyday
Accessible Everyday seeks new, innovative and functional ideas on how building entrances can be designed and built with no steps.

Enquiries should be addressed to:

Martin Yhlen (Danish Architects’ Asociation)
E: myh@arkitektforeningen.dk
T: 22643817

Kasper Egeberg (Innosite)
E: ke@dac.dk
T: 22580975

Accessible Everyday: Winner of the week

Congratulations to Jonas, who is this week's winner in the Accessible Everyday competition with the idea Water and variation. 

Jonas wins the book "How to study public life" by Jan Gehl & Birgitte Svarre. 

CULTURE PARK: This Week's Winner

Congratulations to Suthan, this week’s winner! Suthan has both uploaded an idea and has furthermore evaluated several of the other ideas in the competition. Keep up the good work – we look forward to see Suthan’s final idea. He has won the book "New Agenda"!

And remember, there is only 2 days left of the CULTURE PARK competition, so hurry up and upload all of your great ideas! Good luck in the competition!

CULTURE PARK: The past 3 weeks winners

An update of the past weeks winners:

Winner of the week, the 4th of September:

Congratulations to the winners of this week, Mia Bøhnke and Andrea K. B. Jensen, who have uploadet the idea "Oplevelsesvæggen" as a group. They have taken constructive feedback to heart and are fine-tuning their solution from this and we are looking forward to view their final solution! They have won a gift voucher for two persons for the restaurant Bollinis in Hedehusene. Check out their idea

Winner of the week, the 28th of August:

This week's winner is Andreas who has uploadet an interesting idea and made a comment on its further development, where he constructively makes use of feedback received from other users. He has won the book “Digital Landscape Architecture Now”. The book is packed with inspiring projects and new ideas for more beautifully designed outdoors! We look forward to seeing Andreas' idea evolve! View the idea here

Winner of the week, the 21st of August:

Congratulations to this week’s winner Benny Arno! Benny Arno has contributed with great knowledge about Hedehusene and used this when giving constructive feedback on several ideas in the Culture Park competition. He therefore wins a gift certificate for two persons to the restaurant Bollinis in Hedehusene. In addition to giving feedback, Benny Arno has also uploaded two ideas in the competition. We hope that Benny Arno will continue the dialogue and inspire more of you to upload ideas and comment on each other’s. View Benny Arno first idea here

CULTURE PARK: This Week's Winners

This week we have two winners! Congratulations to Ann-Katherine and Christopher Anton! Ann-Kathrine has created activity and dialog at Innosite.dk by uploading an idea and by commenting on other ideas - and the prize Ann-Kathrine has won for her effort is a gift voucher for two persons for the restaurant Bollinis in Hedehusene! Christopher Anton has also contributed with great comments and feedback at several ideas for the competition and he has won this interesting book about design and architecture in landscapes ' Detail in Contemporary Landscape Architecture'. Keep up the good work and we hope you will both enjoy your prizes!



You now have until the 11th of September at 23:59 to upload your ideas of a redesign of Hedehusene City Park. Upload all of your innovative ideas and perhaps it will be your idea, that will be awarded with a prize of 25.000 DKK and the opportunity to see your proposal realised in collaboration with Spektrum Arkitekter. Read more about the competition here.

The winners of Living Showroom found inspiration at Dia:Beacon

By Ditte Marie Hildebrand and Laura Wedderkind Bank
Winners of the competition Living Showroom, Ditte Marie Hildebrand and Laura Wedderkind Bank, have just returned from their inspirational trip to New York, where they visited the Dia:Beacon. In this article they describe the place and the works, which have inspired them in their continued work with the Enemærke & Petersen factory in Glostrup. 

We visited Dia:Beacon on a gorgeous spring day in April. The train journey in itself was a wonderful trip and, in retrospect, was excellent preparation for our visit to Dia:Beacon, a museum, which can be considered as the very source of American Art, an enclave, which contains the greatest artists of American Late Modernism. 

In a former box factory on the banks of the Hudson river, the Dia Art Foundation created one of the leading art museums in the world. The museum houses Dia Art Foundation's large and exceptional permanent collection of works by pivotal Conceptual and Minimalist artists. The exhibition space, which measures approximately 25000 m², is lit almost exclusively by natural daylight, which streams through the factory's beautiful, original skylights. When the old factory was transformed into a museum, the derelict building was specifically designed and converted to exhibit permanent works. 

One of Dia:Beacon's largest permanent installations is Michael Heizer's North, East, South, West. The simplified, monumental, geometric forms have a strong impact on the body and the human understanding of space. The artwork is a magnificent example of Heizer's art, which often results from a process of pure subtraction. The museum also includes sculptures by Richard Serra, whose three massive works, Torqued Ellipse, have been located in the long gallery, which was once the factory's train shed. Here you can also see fluorescent light-sculptures by Dan Flavin, Andy Warhol's Shadows, and mixed-media installations by Joseph Beuys. The museum also houses works by Gerhardt Richter, Louise Bourgeois, Sol LeWitt, Walter De Maria and Bruce Nauman. 

Dia:Beacon’s collection also includes a number of works by Donald Judd. These works are characterised by simple geometric shapes, the use of industrial materials and a particular aesthetic attention to detail. At first sight they are easy to read. At the same time, though, they challenge the viewer carefully to explore the individual works and their reciprocal differences. 

We consider one of these works in particular as a great source of inspiration for our continued work with Enemærke & Petersen. It consists of a series of 15 plywood boxes, which are laid out out side-by-side, and which from a distance seem to be identical. However, on closer inspection, you realise that, even though the dimensions of the boxes are identical, every one of them is different. Displacements, variations and contradictions in the geometry give each box its own independence and identity, while thanks to its resemblance to the other boxes it becomes part of a larger context. The work deals with issues of equality, diversity and identity, challenging the viewer's understanding of the relationship between the individual and the group. 

Building is just skilled labor, I suppose. It's a lot of work. I don't mind other people building them, but the way things go together and are made is interesting to me; I like that a lot. - Donald Judd 

There is no doubt that all the artists represented in the museum are challenging. The many minimalistic works seem perfectly located in the setting provided by this former factory. Its location on the banks of the river makes the experience very special and unique, both for experienced and less experienced art-lovers. This art, which the museum itself declares has lasted for half a century, is still topical today. For this reason Dia:Beacon is absolutely worth a visit, both for first-timers and returning visitors.  

BUILD WHAT HERE: The Apollo landmark at Roskilde Festival


The Apollo landmark has had a fantastic reception at Roskilde Festival. A few hours before the festival site officially opened, Thursday the 4th of July, Mathilde Serup, head of Business & Network from the Danish Architecture Centre, inaugurated the Apollo landmark with a small reception held for the people involved in building the landmark. At the reception, the guests were given hula hoops to play with and to become more aware of the material used in the installation.

The festival guests have already been using the landmark during the days, up till the official festival opening, chilling and relaxing at the landmark, while listening to concerts at the Apollo stage - or just hanging out. The festival guests have had a lot of different understandings of what the giant tornado of hula hoops really is inspired by. Some think it's a plane, a bird and even a giant disco chandelier. A part of the explanation to the last mentioned guess is that the tornado is glowing during the night time, changing colors from red to green, white and blue. Watch a video of the tornado changing colors at our Facebook page.

While different electronic concerts have taken place at the Apollo stage during the festival days, the festival guests have enjoyed both music and sunny weather by the Apollo landmark. The landmark has also been used as a mini game center, where “The Octopus Game” among others, has been played, creating a fun and energetic interaction around the landmark. Despite rainy or windy weather, the area is still fully packed and a popular place to hang out. Read more about the landmark and see pictures from the festival by following @innosite_dk on Instagram and via Facebook.

BUILD WHAT HERE: Two days left of the building process!

The Apollo landmark is getting closer to the final result with only two days left of building. The dreamteam has been working hard the last couple of days, to compile the tubes that will become the sitting area by the Apollo scene.

The spiral shape is the construction of a ‘tornado’ of hula hoops for the installation and the compiled tubes will end up as three 'waveforms' combined with 'nests', which will serve as seating in conjunction with the tornado-construction. Yesterday, the dreamteam completed the first waveform, and they are experimenting with different constructions for making the nests. They have created a very cool sitting-nest, for laying and relaxing, which will be put together with the three waveforms.

Last night, the crane to lift the tornado construction finally arrived. It will be holding the tornado made out of 1600 hula hoops. While the crane was working, the dreamteam held a short, well-deserved break, and took shelter from the rain in the pavilion, where the Innosite team held a small halfway-party with drinks, snacks and a Roskilde Festival quiz.

The dreamteam is working hard and keeps up a good spirit and energy, both in rain and sunshine. We are very excited about the process, and you can still follow the dreamteam here at Innosite.dk, Facebook and Instagram by following @innosite_dk. 

BUILD WHAT HERE: The building project is in progress at the festival site

We have just finished this weekend’s master class, which contained both inspiring talks and exciting and challenging workshops, held by the artist group DS16. Hula hoops was one of the materials for building and modeling. The dreamteam had several exercises; one of them was to build the highest and widest tower with the available materials. It was a fantastic weekend with lots of energy, exciting discussions, lots of laughs and creative development. The dreamteam is already a very close-knit group and the different professional competencies works very well together and compliments the various strengths.

After the master class, the dreamteam ended up with a great design for the landmark for this year's Apollo area! They are now at Roskilde Festival site and have received 4000 hula hoops for building the landmark – so the building process is well started. Follow the building process of the landmark here at Innosite.dkFacebook and via Instagram by following @innosite_dk. 

The Build What Here 2013 winners have been found

The winners of the Build What Here competition have now been found. Congratulations to Simon, Sidsel, Nina, Sara, Mei-Ling, Mette, Ina, Henrik, Steen & Katrine. 

These 10 talents will serve our interdisciplinary dream team that will design and build a landmark at the Roskilde Festival in just six days.

The process starts on Saturday 22 June with a master class on Saturday and Sunday with the British artist group DS16. Monday, 24 June and week out, the whole team build the landmark at the Roskilde Festival. 

Winner of the week

We have now found last week’s winner of the week, in the BUILD WHAT HERE competition. Congratulations to Nina Marie Rasmussen with her idea ”Garbage - Tree – Light”! The idea illustrates an interesting interactive solution for creating awareness about garbage and recycling - both idea and process are very nicely illustrated in a stop motion video. Nina has won this cool festival kit containing a tent, sleeping bags and sleeping mats! Check out Nina's idea.

Tonight the BUILD WHAT HERE competition will end, so hurry up and upload all of your great ideas! Good luck in the competition! 


Now is your last chance to participate in BUILD WHAT HERE!!!!
The competition ends tomorrow, Thursday, at midnight. We usually experience heavy traffic on the website, slowing the site in the hours up untill deadline. For this reason we recommend you to upload your proposals ahead of deadline. The Jury will choose the winners Friday morning - so it is a very good idea to be ahead of deadline this time... Good luck - Team Innosite

Winner of the week

Congratulations to this week’s winner Mie with the idea ”From tree to tree again”! It illustrates very nicely how wood can be used both in a fun, social and functional way! Mie won this very cool Innosite t-shirt. See Mie's idea here 

Winner of the week

BUILD WHAT HERE: Congratulations to this week's winner Carina Nissen with the idea 'Skraldefest'. We will send you the inspirering book 'Temporary Architecture Now'.... We hope you will enjoy it!

Winner of the week


Congratulations to Maja Østermann! She already came up with 3 great ideas in the Build What Here competition and has won this week's prize: the cool limited edition Innosite tote bag!




See Maja's ideas here.

Extended possibility for upload

We are aware that the site was down yesterday, and we are very sorry about the frustration this must have caused you. We have extended the contest with a day, so you have until 23:59 tonight to upload your idea here on the website. If you have sent us your files, we ask you to upload them on the site instead. We can't wait to see your idea!

Winner of the week


We have now found last week’s winner of the week. Congratulations to Mads with the idea “Mesh”. The idea of using mesh reinforcement as a partition is very interesting, flexible and sustainable. We are sending you a book gift for this nice idea.


Read more about the idea “Mesh” here.

Outputs from the idea salon


There are five days to go before the Use Space competition closes, and you still have time to put the finishing touches to your ideas. To help equip competition entrants to design the best possible solutions, last Monday we organised an “idea lounge” for everyone, who has uploaded an idea for Use Space.



The designer Rosan Bosch and competition owner from Givrum.nu, Jesper Koefoed-Melson, provided everyone at the meeting with feedback on their ideas. There were many excellent points, and we would like to share 3 main points with all of you, who were not able to attend the meeting:


Key Takeaways
1) Apply particular identities to the different areas of the space, e.g. by using colours or by building on various levels.
2) Think in terms of zones and of how to create conditions for an excellent work culture: e.g. here you can talk on the telephone / here it is forbidden to talk on the telephone / here is a creative area, where you make as much noise as you like etc.
3) Be aware that the solution should be cheap to produce. Materials for a prototype should cost a maximum of DKK 20,000.


In addition we have received a number of questions about the definition of “flexibility” in terms of the design. There are two ways of looking at it:
- Flexibility in the sense that a single design can incorporate several functions (desks/storage/walls etc.)
- Flexibility in the sense that the solution should be easy to move around and re-used in other contexts.


It could be interesting, if both types of flexibility could be implemented. But this is not compulsory.


We hope you will make constructive use of the output from the idea lounge. We wish you all good luck with the competition - have fun!

Winner of the week


Congratulations to Ieva Butkute, this week’s Use Space winner. Ieva has both uploaded interesting ideas as a part of the group KUBO, and has furthermore written great comments on several of the other ideas in the competition. Keep up the good work – and congratulations again.

Read more about KUBO and see their ideas here.

The submission phase is over - Help your fellow innositer design the best solution


The first phase of the USE SPACE competition is now over, and we have received 64 exciting and innovative ideas. From today on, no new ideas can be uploaded on the site, but there still is time to improve and detail the existing ideas.

All innositers are encouraged to give constructive feedback, comments and good advice to the uploaded ideas on the site. Keep the tone positive, and let us together develop the best design for a flexible, temporary co-working space. 

The final deadline for the competition is on 29 April, and the winners will be announced on 22 May 2013. We wish you all good luck with the final phase of the competition.  

Read more about the competition

The winners of Cool Construction have been announced


The winners of the Cool Construction competition were announced at an event on Thursday 11 April at Café Metropolitain in Frederiksberg.



The winner of the Instant Best prize was "Den generøse væg ", where the construction site fence protrudes into the urban space and forms tables and benches. The proposal is simultaneously creative, functional and attainable within budget.


The Future Best prize went to "Kaleidoscope". Here the fence is decorated with panels that reflect the environment in varying angles, thereby creating a fascinating experience of light and reflections.


In addition, the jury decided to give two proposals honourable mention. "Midt imellem" proposed placing a mirror over the fence in order to allow a view into the construction site. A simple innovation, but very effective. "Colour of wind" equips the fence with vertical panels that can rotate in the wind, which encourages interaction and movement.


About 25 participants attended the award ceremony, where they heard curator Charlotte Bagger Brandt talk about architecture and urban spaces, and saw Frederikberg's mayor, Jørgen Glenthøj, award diplomas to the winners.


>> Watch the videos with the jury's comments here.

Winner of the week


Congratulations to Jan Stahl who made the winning idea of this week. We like the Lego feature in the 'OSB Box' idea. We are sending you a book gift for inspiration!


Check out the idea.

Winner of the week


The first winner of the week in the USE SPACE competition is found. Enrique Fernandez’ idea of inflatable workspaces seems very interesting, innovative and out-of-the-box, and therefore he will receive the book “Alternative Nows”. Congratulations, and we hope you will enjoy the book.

Read more about the idea "Office in your bag" here.

From factory space to temporary working cooperative


The first ideas have been uploaded in the USE SPACE competition on how to design cheap, effective solutions to transform an old warehouse on Aalborg's East Harbour into a flexible and temporary working cooperative.

All users are encouraged to upload any first thoughts today, in order to receive feedback from the jury and other users of the site and optimize the design. The first deadline is 17 April.


The competition is aimed at designing an interior design component, which can transform a 800 m2 attic space with wooden floors and wooden ceiling into offices, conference rooms, studios and other types of work stations, at the same time creating a creative and interactive, co-working space. On one hand, the design should be able to divide up the space and preferably insulate, contain electricity etc. On the other hand, it must be cheap to produce, flexible and easy to move.

Read more and upload your idea here.

How to design a Cool Construction

How does one turn a construction fence into an inspiring urban space? Such is the challenge set by the Metro Company in the current competition on Innosite. This week the Metro Company and Innosite invited both users and other interested parties to an onsite, inspirational meeting with the architecture and artist group, Bureau Detours. They supplied us with some fantastic advice about how to create a Cool Construction. 

Located, as it is, in the middle of Solbjerg Plads, next to the shopping centre, educational institutions, the Café Metropolitain is a natural focal point for one of Frederiksberg’s busiest areas. With the construction fence winding itself around two sides of the building, the café is also the “focal point” for the Metro Company’s current competition on Innosite – “Cool Construction”. 

This week Innosite’s users were allowed a first-hand experience of both the café and the Metro construction fence, when the Metro Company invited them to an inspirational meeting with the architecture and artist group, Bureau Detours, whose work has included the design of another of the Metro Company’s construction fences. 

In the opinion of Bureau Detours, when setting out to create a successful urban space, it is essential to take into full account the location’s context and identity. 

“It’s about entering into a dialogue with the area. In terms of our own construction fence in Nørrebro, we knew that there was a very active graffiti scene. We were totally aware that we could only create something short-term. Otherwise it would get painted over pretty quickly. So we created a “temporary solution”, in which the graffiti could play a democratic role, and in which the work could develop with time in a dialogue with the graffiti scene,” explains Benny Henningsen, before referring to the present project. 

“Frederiksberg is a completely different kettle of fish and the people are very different. There are students, families with children and a whopping great shopping centre across the road to take into consideration.” 

Mimi Larsson, Project Manager for City Fence and in charge of the current competition, also supplied some good advice. “We would love to see some really offbeat proposals, with an originality that really makes them stand out, and involves and invites citizens to participate in the urban space." 

Good advice for a Cool Construction 
Construction sites in the urban space are temporary, create less space for urban life and affect neighbours 
  • So think long and hard about how to use that “temporariness” in your work. 
  • Consider the context. How can you interact with the cafe guests and please the by-passers at the same time?  
  • Is there something special about the location’s identity, history and culture, which you can use as a meaningful element in your work? 
  • Focus on both safety and the requirements and specifications stipulated in the competition description.             

Short film from the site

This Week's Winner

It is time to announce THIS WEEK'S WINNER: Rellam with the idea Sieve wins a James Carpenter Book. We love the cool video! Congratulations to you!! Have a nice weekend and check out video

This Week's Winners

Enjoy your weekend and check out THIS WEEK'S WINNERS: Hybel og Vibing. Congratulations to you!! We will send you the innovative Material World Catalogue with 100 different material cards.
Check out their innovative idea Twisted Shelter! 

Please notice

Short break on Innosite on January 24. We apologize for the inconvenience, but Innosite will not be reachable on January 24. We have to improve the site with some new functionalities and vital maintenance. Please come back the day after, when the platform will be back online. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@innosite.dk

This Week's Winner

THIS WEEK'S WINNER is... Enrique Gil! Congratulations!! We will send you the innovative Material World Catalogue with 100 different material cards.
Check out Enrique's idea here! 

This Week's Winners

Thank you for all your great ideas on how to design a bus stop in glass.
We have chosen 2 winners this week: 'Walnut' by Francesc Romaní and 'VAULT' by Thomas Groebner both winners will receive the James Carpenter book! Congratulations!

This week's winner

Congratulations to Kristine Lynum Bjerkem! She gets this week's prize for sharing her innovative and experimenting idea with us and making us a part of the process. We will send her this book for further inspiration: James Carpenter: Environmental Refractions!

Sketch plan

A sketch of the plan of the site is now available. Click here to see it! 


Hi all Innositers we wish you all a beautiful weekend! Especially we send a big pat on the shoulder to VIDAL for all his great comments. Thank you and congratulations!
We have chosen you to be THIS WEEK'S WINNER! We will send you this book for inspiration: James Carpenter: Environmental Refractions!

This Week's Winner

THIS WEEK'S WINNER: Congratulations to Benjamin! He has been developing his great idea The SHELLter! And made it much more appealing than before... We like it!
Benjamin will receive the great Architecture & Construction book about GLASS! 

Last day – best idea prize

The tool-prize to the best idea on the last day of the Living Showroom goes to the idea “E&P Hackspace”. The idea which is created by Mie Nørgaard will be presented for the jury together with all the other great ideas. 
The three winners will be announced on 14. November 

Thanks for all your great ideas! 

Last Chance!

Last day of Living Showroom competition!! To celebrate your great and innovative ideas we will give away a tool-prize to the best idea of today! Upload your idea now! 
You might be the lucky owner of a laser measure tool :)

Living Showroom closes on Thursday 25. October at 23:59

The competition Living Showroom closes on Thursday 25. October at 23:59.

The winners of the competition will be revealed on 14. november 2012.

Idea of the Week

This week's winner is Makako Davitidze with the idea View 1 - Rolling Boxes. We love the renders and the idea of flexibility!

Winner of the week 05/10/2012

This week's winner is the idea " Oplevelsesruten" produced by the team Yasmin + Hansene. The idea shows a number of discovery trails around the factory.

Congratulations to Yasmin + Hansen - we send them a good wrench. 

Winner of the week 28/09/2012

This week we will send a laser measure tool to STREETHEART for their idea OPEN CALL - ART WALL. The idea blends visual arts with building art - read more here

Winner of the week 21/09/2012

This week's winner is Anja Kiersgaard with the idea Learning by doing.
We send a socket set to Anja

Your guests must have something to bring home

18 September 20-30 members of the Innosite community visited the Enemærke & Petersen factory to get inspiration for Living Showroom competition. The event also included two interesting presentations on how to create inspiring and engaging space.

“Thank you for a highly skilled attendance at our` open building factory `event. We got a lot of good questions and input from the audience and from post holders. We are in the initial phase, and I can see that there is a huge potential and an unexplored universe that opens up to our building factory and company, as we begin to talk about experiences, building identity, etc. as an even more integral part of our branding and business development”, said Søren Faebo Larsen from Enemærke & Petersen 

What is it exactly you are looking for? 
A recurring question for E&P was what it is they are exactly looking for in the competition. This question was not given a clear answer. E&P stressed that the competition is to generate a lot of good suggestions and ideas as to what their big factory can be used for. 

Showroom must be flexible 
Søren Larsen Farbo also stressed that the showroom must be flexible: "One day our factory is almost completely empty and the next it is filled with huge elements all over. The Showroom must be adaptable, built up and scaled down quickly and easily". 

Guests must bring something home 
One of the speakers at the event was Sebastian Campion from Visit Carlsberg. He told about the visions for the future of Carlsberg Brand & Experience Centre. A point was that guests always have something to take home from a visit. It can of course be a physical thing, but also a special experience or a digital "gift", you can share with your network and on social media are obvious elements to reinforce the positive experience of a visit. 

Small interventions can have a significant effect 
Rune Fjord from Rune Fjord Studios has extensive experience in developing and designing experience space. A point on his part was that it is not always the major elements that give the greatest effect on the experience of a space. As an example, he told of an experience room where guests were allowed to choose a unique coffee cup that belonged to the employees of the company. So you can choose the Director's cup or a cup from the receptionist. It provides a narrative about the company and it acts as an icebreaker that will make you talk. 

Innosite are looking forward to more great ideas to the Living Showroom competition. 

This weeks winner

We are happy to announce the best idea this week! The prize, a cordless screwdriver with lithium-ion technology including corkscrew adapter, goes to Jens Mathiasen! We love his idea E&P Buildlab, and are looking forward to see the development of the idea. Congratulations Jens! Check it out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/innosite.dk?ref=hl

ROCKSHELL: Only 10 hours left!

The ROCKSHELL competition will end tonight at 24:00 - Hurry up and uploade your great idea and participate in the competition. You might be the lucky one winning a trip for two persons to New York!

ROCKSHELL: Only 3 days left!

There is only 3 days left of the ROCKSHELL competition. Hurry up and share your idea, the lucky winner gets a trip to New York for two!  

Idea of the Week

ROCKSHELL: The last winner of the week competitions is: Christian Jensen, with his idea 'Almen Boligbebyggelse i Hillerød'.

Idea of the Week

ROCKSHELL: This weeks winner is Douglas Wallace Ferrari with the idea 'RockShell - Et byggesystem som kan alt..!'

Idea of the week

ROCKSHELL: This weeks winner is rt architects! Congratulations! Check out the idea.

Idea of the Week

The weekly winners of the RockShell competition for week 27 & 28 are: Philipp with his idea 'RockShell house concept 1.1 individuality with the RockShell system...' and jan with his idea 'sustainable_cottage_dwellings pragmatic form follows simple function' Congratulations! Both will receive the Rockwool book 'Living Designs'.


We have chosen to extend the RockShell competition with an extra month. This means that you will be able to upload new ideas or work on your already uploaded ideas until the 6th of August. Read more about the competition and prize here

Idea of the week

Congratulations to Thomas Raben-Lange! We like your idea 'Firkløver' and look forward to see the development. Your book prize will be sent to you!

Ideas of the Week

SOLAR DREAMS: To day is the last day of the Solar Dreams competition - the best idea this week is Marcels 'Modulopbygget multifunktionsskur' Congratulations! Your prize, A charger kit from Freeloader will be sent to you! 
ROCKSHELL: This weeks winner of the Rockwool book is Marko Milovanovic idea Terraced House. Congratulations!

Ideas of the week

We are happy to announce THIS WEEKS WINNERS:

ROCKSHELL: Mihewi with the idea Solbakken! The prize is the book Living Designs from Rockwool. 

SOLAR DREAMS: Pia Høyer with the idea Solmøbel! The prize is the book Mesterværker by Michael Sheridan. 

Congratulations to both of you, your prize will be send to you.

Idea of the Week

SOLAR DREAMS: Congratulations Eva-Maria! You are the winner of this weeks best idea! We love your light wall idea.
A Solar System Super Charger will be send to you...

ROCKSHELL: Congratulations Lasse Vang Knudsen! You are the winner of this weeks best idea! Check out the innovative idea ONE HOUSE - ONE COMMUNITY! The prize is the book 'Living design' from ROCKWOOL!

Idea of the week

SOLAR DREAMS: The best idea of this week is 'sunlayer' by Jorge! Click here and check out the idea! The prize is, a Premium Solar Charger, check it out on Facebook. Congratulations to Jorge!

This weeks winner

SOLAR DREAMS: Congratulations to Tom! His idea The Solar Plug-In Recharging Station is this week winner. The prize is a solar keyboard from Logitech. Keep up the good work!

This weeks winner

This weeks winner idea is Have you Ever Tried to Trim Your Roof? by Sune Reiper!
Congratulations to Sune, your prize is the book 'Mesterværker' by Michael Sheridan.

Idea of the week

Hi everybody! We are looking for a 'this weeks winner' in the Solar Dreams competition. The reward is a surprise - a really good one :-) Sharpen your pen and give it a go - the winner will be announced on friday! 

Idea of the week

We are so happy with all the great ideas on Innosite and we have chosen to celebrate innovative thoughts and aesthetic design with a 'this weeks winner'! 

The winner is David Engell Jessen with the idea Solpaneler og Vinterhaven 2.0. Congratulations!!!  

The prize is a solar system super charger! 
Check it out on Facebook and like the page.

Build What Here Exhibition

Experience this year's winning project "Open Borders" from the competition Build What Here 2012, which has been held for the second consecutive year in a collaboration between Roskilde Festival and the Danish Architecture Centre.

500 members

Awesome! We enter this month with 500 members on innosite! A special thanks to Nigel, who is the 500th member. This is also our last day of “Build What Here”, so be innovative and join the contest!

Like Innosite on Facebook

Log on to your Facebook-profile, push the like button on the Innosite-page and share it with your friends. We might have a surprise for you – this will be announced on 7 March.

Competition Deadline

The deadline for uploading competition material in the competition BUILD WHAT HERE is on March 1st at 23:59 (11:59 pm). We look forward to see more ideas from you. Enjoy the competition!

Better Living Finalists

The finalists of our previous contest “Better Living” are now presented on the platform. Go check it out!

Idea of the Week

This week’s winner is the idea “How do we get there?” by Amalie. The idea has been chosen as this week’s contribution as we think it indicates that Amalie has taken the competition requirements as her starting point. That, we think, is a good place to start :).

Congratulations Amalie, we look forward to see more illustrations and details on the project!



To all BUILD WHAT HERE contestants. Be aware that a new map was uploaded last week for those of you wishing to work with a DWG file. The new map is called ‘Map of the area, DWG file’ and can be found under ‘Competition material’ here.

Idea of the Week

This week’s winner is the idea ”POOR AT NIGHT” made by the team Holdt & Mørk. They uploaded their idea this week with four visualizations that make the idea very clear and easy to understand.

Good job team Holdt & Mørk!