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About innosite

Innosite is an open innovation platform which connects players with a need for innovation with people who have great ideas.

The aim of Innosite is to create and further develop an active innovation environment within the construction industry in Denmark and to promote dialogue across professions and industries. The platform is open for players within and outside the construction industry, allowing property developers and companies to invite tenders for development assignments, share ideas and provide inspiration for new innovation methods.

Are you looking for solutions?

Companies wishing to set up a competition should contact Danish Architecture Centre. We shall then assess the content of the problem and decide whether it should be posted on the platform. The users of Innosite can subsequently submit their proposals and ideas.

Do you have a great idea?

In order to participate in the competitions, you need to register as a user. Once you have done this, you can put forward your proposal for a solution to the problem in question and comment on the ideas of other users. The company setting up the competition awards a prize to the best proposal. 

Innosite is an initiative of Realdania in collaboration with the Danish Energy Agency. Innosite is operated by the Danish Architecture Centre.

The digital innovation platform is part of an overall five-year innovation initiative by Realdania. Please see the Realdania website for more information.


Innosite builds on the idea of open innovation which means that companies involve external players and knowledge in their development processes. In this way ideas, problems and solutions are taken beyond their usual subject and organisation-specific contexts. Open innovation platforms facilitate the involvement of users and experts in the development processes. This is because sharing, collecting and selecting ideas and solutions can be done both cheaper and faster than in traditional development and, moreover, independently of the individual project.