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The Public Bookmaze

A reading area to read and share

In the Public Bookmaze people can stop to read in little reading corners or open to the water sides, to storage and share their books with others in a new and inviting atmosphere.
The idea of a public bookcase is further developed into a public bookmaze, that forms closed and open reading areas. The waterproof construction can be freely and anonymously used for the exchange and storage of books without the formalities associated with libraries. Hyperbolic library ladders make the plaza even more appealing and connect the different spots to each other.
This area is inviting to students, who like to work outside, to even read a book or to meet in bigger or smaller groups, but it is also interesting for others, who are connected to the library close by and even for smaller children, who just like to take a slide with one of the ladders.

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Image (350x350) Could be a fantastic place to stay - great idea

Date: 16/06/15 15:19 | View profile
Image (350x350) Bon(nen) idée

Date: 16/06/15 17:07 | View profile
Image (350x350) very cool! smooth relaxing! This is how I like reading!
Hyperbolic shelfs or ladders? Any way you build these ladders this way will lead you to a difficult torsion at the top of it. If you ment shelfs - this I once planned for two perfectly matching shelves opposed to each other in a narrow corridor to evoke an irritation. Unfortunately we didn't build it - it irritated too much :-/
Date: 16/06/15 17:08 | View profile
Image (350x350) funny drawings. gifted.
Date: 16/06/15 17:14 | View profile
Image (350x350) I mean hyperbolic ladders. There will be more than only one and the rails of the ladders even straddle gaps in the bookshelf-walls. People love these ladders. They are tempting to slide, but can also be useful to reach books, that are further up. The draft shelfs don't necessarily have to be built like the plan says, it's more the idea of creating different sort of rooms (open or closed) with the possibility to sit down, to read to learn, to meet or even more – but with walls of shared books and a little rail system.
Date: 16/06/15 17:18 | View profile
Image (350x350) Looks like it would be a very inviting place to read at and could integrate well into the city.
Date: 17/06/15 00:04 | View profile
Image (350x350) sounds like a place i would love to stay at. great drawings and an interesting, social connecting and on all accounts realisable idea. I especially like the notion of people of all ages joining the public bookmaze.
Date: 17/06/15 00:08 | View profile
Image (350x350) very interesting idea! good for meeting other reading interested people or to inspire students to read again!
Date: 17/06/15 13:28 | View profile
Image (350x350) Interesting place, nice sketches. Maybe this place could be located not exactly in this place-, because it is so close to the existing library, people need other activities in this place maybe. But I ask myself this question - is it true that people nowadays like reading so much as it was years ago? Reading, actually, requires private space for most people. That's why I think so many modern architectural objects inspired by reading process, libraries etc build like "architecture for architecture", maybe some people agree with me. Therefore, modern place for reading serves mostly not for reading, but for meetings. If this place will serve for meetings and will make community place - in this case it responses to competition aim, I agree. Interesting to know people's opinion what will help to create community place for a long time community connections. Anyway, thank you for this project that made me to discuss this issue:)
Date: 17/06/15 19:33 | View profile
Image (350x350) @Roman Thanks for the interest. I'm not sure, if I got everything right, but let me try to explain: At first you're right, this is more a community and meeting place. It doesn't have to be a reading place on it's own, the idea is to make it appealing for people to stop and spend some time there. The books could be seen as a first invitation to take a seat, but even the other sitting accommodations are not predefined in using. So if students want to talk about projects in a nice surrounding and outside, they could also sit in the bookmaze. The bookmaze itself implies the idea of share and use.
Regarding your other question, if people like reading as much as it was years ago: I don't think that people will ever stop reading. Of course, we have new media and technologies, but that has always been. For example, since the television was new, people started to spend a lot of time watching TV, but they never stopped reading. As a student of philology I know, that people never read as much as they do today. Maybe the suggested bookmaze is a little bit too big, I'm open to make changes to it.
(I hope, I could answer your questions :) )
Date: 17/06/15 20:28 | View profile
Image (350x350) yeah, thank you for answer, Bonnem:)
Date: 17/06/15 21:01 | View profile
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Image (350x350) Otto Bonnen


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