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com[UNITY] Life

this is how community space could develop

What is really community space? I think this space should be Alive for a long time. What can help to make it - is People interactivities, not passive or just for leisure (like in the case of design installation or museum picture). Next question to answer - when people like to interact between each other? As the practice shows real communication for a long time happens while learing and by teaching. Learning of people who’s interested in different hobbies or business (local theatre, garden growing, skating, cattery caring etc) and teaching of people who’s able and likes teach other people. Of course, Learning and Teaching is not the only activities of the community area - but they are the core of area to be active most part of time). Other uses of community space are concerts, performances, holidays etc, or educational performances (Learning/Teaching) process over a time for locals or visitors. Certainly such area should have at least minimal set of services like community cafe(sometimes the meal as vegetables could be taken from community garden or fish farming), restrooms. I think such area could be really interacting in different part of time and seasons and named as alive community space…

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Image (350x350) please help me! i cant upload mu pdf!:(
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sorry, you're out of luck, but it is not the last contest
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Image (350x350) Andrey, now it is ok, my file uploaded ) I am very grateful to the people from site support
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Image (350x350) Thank God, it would be very disappointing if the missing 20 pages
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