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Ørestad mosaic

Flexible and colorful space


Most of the explanations are in the pdf file. 

Two ideas of the project - the "puzzle seatings" and the "little reading homes" can be used separately. 
The bibliotech and the school were an inspiration for "reading homes", for people to read or study outside. In the proposal materials mostly used to illustrate idea, so they can be changed. 
The structure of "reading homes" is modern to attract attention, however, the shape of a classic house designed for people to feel cozy as they were at home. They are different in sizes to satisfy different purposes - to enjoy your time alone or to gather with friends. Shelves are made for bookcrossing, which is a perfect way of showing openness and accessibility of the area and a culture sharing option. Also, invitation cards for events can be left there, too. In the "reading houses" people will be much more protected from wind and noise than just sitting on the street. Wifi zone on area is optional, but if it will be on, special interacting website for this area can be created there. For everyone connected there will be available option to play some little games which can be book and puzzle oriented, or simply find out about future events in this place.
There was also an attempt by the shape of the "puzzle seatings" to add some relief to the flat terrain of Ørestad.
Moreover, the "puzzle" can be elaborated with tree pods shaped to fit in. There also can be a little coffe or fruit kiosk with a similar design as the "reading homes". A possibility to drink some delicious coffe and read an exciting book, watch a performance or meet interesting people will definitely bring more citizens to the place to stay and enjoy it!

Tak til alle for opmærksomheden.

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