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Interactive Snake

A place to stay / a place to enjoy / a place to walk

Interactive snake aims to resolve two main needs of the space: the need to be a transit area and the need to be a place to stay. The project proposes to create two overlapping traces to resolve those questions:
Trace A: Fast way
The place is a area of transit. That is why a “quick” and easy way to go from one point to the oder is need. It is called “fast way”.
B: Interactive and urban landscape way
The need to generate an atractive open space to stay and spend time in the urban space is solved creating a second path divided into different activities. The are for example places to rest and read, to charch your mobile or to park you bike.
C: Interstitial spaces
A longer way with more activities and lower pedestrian speed is created by adopting this organic geometry. In addition, it allows to create interstitial spaces to develope different activities such as urban art, vegetation introduction, playground etc. 
A + B + C: The project
Through a fast way, a interactive route and the interstitial spaces, the project create an urban structure that resolves the place problems “making city”. 

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