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As many different people pass through the area in front of the library each day this project try to create a place where many different types of people can spend time together promoting encounters.

The proposal stems from the idea of creating a dynamic public space, on the move, causing increased interaction between the users of the space. 
  • It takes into account the climate itself, specially the wind, creating rotating benchs that protect users. 
  • Also, it create open platforms for eventes supporting the active cultural life that exists in Ørestad. 
  • The project aims for the total accessibility integrating different uses and information exchange 
  • Creating different platforms using different materials adds character to the project. 
  • The project gives a new character to this space giving it new cultural uses that generate more activity, creating green spaces and using sustainable materials for it. 
  • The existing bridge is replaced making him share in the intervention and housing activity in itself 

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