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In this project „CITY DUNES“ I tried to find a solution for the use of this space, a kind of „non place“. People passing by, day by day, without noticing, but why? Recently there are no interventions, use options or invitations to stay and observe at this place, except the staircase enables to reach down to the water (southside of the site). This site is mainly used as transfer zone. The topic urban space is an interesting field to work in, to create thoughts how life could take place in different spaces, influenced by different spectators and actors which will creating urban life. Trying to create an urban space which can be used by everyone and which is attended to an urban life. This includes urban sport and activities. Therefor i tried to create a landscape to stay and to play. A place which can be used in case of regeneration, rest, activities, to be creative and connective. A place which can be used by bmx riders and skaters. A place for children to play. A place for their parents to stay. A place which a part of the already existing structure, and which injects new energy, experiences and connects these places even more. The „CITY DUNES“, are connected to the sea nearby, and their dunes which you have to climb or walk over if you want to enjoy the water. They are able to spend some shadow as they are a protection of the wind.

„As the counterpart of development, urban open space is a natural and cultural resource, synonymous with neither ‚unused land‘ nor park and recreation areas.“ Another is „Open space is land and/or water area with its surface open to the sky, consciously acquired or publicly regulated to serve conservation and urban shaping function in addition to providing recreational opportunities.“ 1

1...Marilyn. „Decision Making in Allocating Metropolitan Open Space: State of the Art.“ Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 1975. pp 149–153

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