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Inside the Camera & an anknown Bird

An anknown Bird(as a version - another idea)

Hello Dear members and jury

The idea represents the most simple common and well known symbol for cinema. 
I don't know how it refers to Hvidovre, but I suggested it will become a place for urban activities, film watching, singing maybe also for concerts and theatre, if you make the screen moveable somehow. The back side of the screen is for exclamations.
Anyway the environment becomes alive only with people(for example the bus stop point will then recalled to Camera station..)), so maybe in real it will have more use than I have imagined and drawn. maybe this will be the first structure and then there will be added some others too, I suppose.
I think the materials cost will fit your budget. The structure includes wood timbers with dimension 10x10cm, mostly, and some other sizes, also galvanized roof sheets for cover. This is about the materials.

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