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Welcome to the real wild world

You will never be the same again

Have you ever thought about the reality?
Do you think that something can be more real than this world?
I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
You have to see it for yourself.
Your world will never be the same again.

Welcome to the real wild world.

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Image (350x350) I love the scenographic concept, for me it's much like an artistic act project ( mirror gate ) which translation in landscape project could be the one of ' mana studio '. Subtile idea and presentation !
Date: 31/08/14 13:29 | View profile
Image (350x350) Thank you for you comment. The point is that the entrance can be not only the "door", but installation, like jean nouvel's concert hall's facade.
Join the Matrix)
Date: 01/09/14 22:17 | View profile
Image (350x350) Congratulations, Alexey! The only note is that it may be not safe for the birds.
Date: 20/09/14 12:06 | View profile
Image (350x350) Maybe its just me. How can a frase from Matrix win this. What about the rules for the competition. Do you have permission to use words and pictures from the movie company ?
Date: 20/09/14 13:53 | View profile
Image (350x350) Now i see that the idea of mirrors is from vav architechts and is not unique.
Date: 20/09/14 14:25 | View profile
Image (350x350) Gert Bo Jensen, if you have some critics, you should have written it when it was time (this contest is made spatially as discussion platform) when it is possible for participant to change something. Or at least you could write before an winners announcement, because now your indignations look just pathetic (sorry for my rudeness).
Date: 20/09/14 14:45 | View profile
Image (350x350) Fair enough. Its my first time in this community and i was surprised.
Date: 20/09/14 14:58 | View profile
Image (350x350) Are we looking at the same thing!!!!
Can we get a jury with an architectural background please
Date: 20/09/14 15:03 | View profile
Image (350x350) Thanks. By the way. You look a lot like Andy Mindchevs profile and it is opened at the same date. All the profiles connected to the winner is opened last of august. Just an obervation.
Date: 20/09/14 20:58 | View profile
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