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Reuse Grønttorvet!

How to reuse the area, not only creating new elements but also using some older parts?

The Grønttorvet area will undergo a massive transformation. It is important to carefully plan how the area will look like during the process. Our proposition is to reuse thestructuural grid of market hall and create new city-like object. The whole concept is based on mixing different activities and creating sustainable neighbourhood.

Old structural grid will be reused to organize the area. The plan will look like a city - it will consist of many different objects that work together to create larger structure.

New market hall will create a meetup place for different age groups. Children, students, adults, and elderly will mix with each other.The object will be easily adaptable. The single unit of the grid can be rented out and modified by a group of people.

The idea is to make the area evolve in a longer process. people can select a single unit in the grid and adapt it to their needs. The structure is open - any space can be treated individually!

The new Grønttorvet area will be a place full of different activities!

Example of possible activities:
International food festivals
Music concerts
Garage sales / flea market
Art exhibitions
Cafe & Restaurant
Urban farming
Sport area
Installation art

Due to small file size limit the presentation is low resolution. Full resolution (300dpi) presentation is around 130mb. We can send the full resolution by email. Just leave a comment!

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Green Pistacchio on version 1
Nice work! you ve created a social common use in a sustainable and constructive environment.
Well done and good luck guys!
Date: 05/08/14 13:11 | View profile
Image (350x350) Thank You! We are still working on this project but we wanted to share what have we been doing for last two weeks :)
Date: 05/08/14 13:15 | View profile
Image (350x350) We just uploaded the new version - however I don't see any option to edit the previous one - it automatically starts editing the newer one...
Date: 12/08/14 03:28 | View profile
Image (139x139)
Sigita Simona on version 2
hello, could you send me the version of better quality to I am very curious about the project:) thanks
Date: 03/07/15 14:17 | View profile
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