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Project PSG

A reason for every season

A colorful, playful and durable idea. To combine creativity, life and use; for a complete improvement and revaluation of the area and the social activities.  
Sustainable, with reduced costs and easy to install... 

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Andrea Boller

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Image (140x140) Hej Andrea. Your idea has a playfulness and almost naïve character that I think is cool! Like building with Lego. The fact that you place such great emphasis on flexibility in your concept is quite inspiring, as the use of the space does change through seasons. About the transparent shelters, material wise it would be nice to see if other projects have tried something like this before? If they are to be moved around, am thinking they have to be very sturdy.
Date: 05/12/13 12:51 | View profile
Image (350x350) Hi Simon! thank you so much for the comment. About the transparent shelters, yes, they have to be sturdy, but the main idea is to fix them on the ground with apposite screws, to give more stability, but at the same time easy to uninstall if we have to. About the material, I have thought on plexiglass (as in the description), which is strong and flexible if produced as a sandwich (I mean two or three panels of 7-8mm/ut joined together to make each side)...
I don't know if someone else tried to use the same idea for the same environment, I hope not! ;)
Date: 05/12/13 16:10 | View profile
Image (350x350) Fun idea Andrea! The sunlight going through the colorful acrylic would create beautiful patterns on the frozen canal. It is great that you concidered different seasonal uses.
Date: 08/12/13 22:46 | View profile
Image (350x350) Hi Andrea! The flexibility of your concept is super fun! The fact that you thought of the modularity and transport of the blocs and cabins is remarquable. Great all the way down to details!
Date: 12/12/13 21:51 | View profile
Image (350x350) Thank u Anne for the comment. The flexibility of the project and the the facility to adapt it at any situation, is at the base of the concept. The picture showed on, are an example of what we can do just only with two easy elements...
Date: 13/12/13 16:01 | View profile
Image (350x350) The shelter concept is very cool, and I love that you've considered different seasonal uses. The kayak going through one of the shelters is my favorite part of this!
Date: 13/12/13 17:44 | View profile
Image (350x350) Thank u Christopher, I think could be really funny passing through the shelters with kayaks or ice skates, u can see the world with other colors!!

Date: 14/12/13 13:40 | View profile
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Image (350x350) Andrea Boller

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