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On the water

wind sails for shade

The wooden deck connects the two quay sides of the Canal, and eases the flow of people. The Construction will give people an easy acces to the water and will allow people to use the space above the water.

The Raised walkway will help to ensure that kayaks and users of the canal can continue to use the Canal without a major obstacle limiting the path of the water.

The wind sails will act as deflectors and as shields to help break up gusts of wind. This will allow people more use of the area.

The wooden deck encloses a basin for kayak polo which will add activities to the area. One could imagine a key located in the reception of Danmarks Radio for anyone who wish to borrow the polo kayaks.


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Image (350x350)
Nice one...
I realy like the shape of it and the activities you include...
Curious to see more
All the best

Date: 15/11/13 09:21 | View profile
Image (140x140) Very interesting and nice work with the wind sails! The wind issue is definitely an important part of working with Ørestad and you have included that in a very nice way. Just like Andreas I'm also curious to see more especially on how the construction is made?
Date: 15/11/13 11:03 | View profile
Image (350x350) I would like to know how you came up with this architectural you have a vision for the design?

kind regards
Date: 20/11/13 20:37 | View profile
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