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Mirror mirror on the wall

City reflections

A convex traffic mirror is an objet from our daily lives, it is resistent and gives us a different perspective of the spaces that surround us. In this case this object that already belongs to the urban landscape is used as an interaction element.
With the help of these multiple mirrors we can follow the city life and the progress of the Metro construction works.
Everyone can enjoy the installation: people seatting at the coffee terrace will have multiple perspectives to look at, children (from 0 to 99) will play with the mirrors and enjoy the surprising new points of view.

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Image (140x140) This is a playful idea, which I think a lot of people could have fun with. I would be concerned about safety issues, because the mirrors facing the construction site can blind the workers - and mirrors facing the street can blind the cyclists. Have you considered this aspect?
Date: 14/03/13 11:23 | View profile
Image (350x350)
Hello Mimi, thank you very much for your comment.
In fact we were also worried about that reflection might blind cyclists and workers, that is why we have thought that it would be useful to use the standard convex traffic mirrors. These elements are build with an small sunshade itself to prevent blinding when you are driving, cycling, working and walking through the streets.
We are going to upload some references of real convex mirrors and art installations, so you can have an accurate idea of how our proposal works.
Date: 14/03/13 11:38 | View profile
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