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- Design a bus stop and show us just what glass can do 

The challenge of Transparent Shelter is to design a glass bus stop. The bus stop should show how the medium of glass can be used to create solutions that are both aesthetic and functional. Solutions should be innovative, and the construction should consist almost entirely of glass. 

With this competition the Nordic Centre of Glass (NCFG), Comprising The Danish Glaziers’ Association, the EUCNVS Vocational College and the United Federation of Danish Workers, is setting out to spotlight the medium of glass and the interplay between design and craftsmanship. 

Specific site for the bus stop 
The proposal must be based on a specific site in Holbæk. At present there is an existing bus stop for Bus 560, but the bus stop has no proper shelter and offers only bad protection from the elements. Bus 560 stops at the bus stop approximately 15 times a day, and is mainly used by pupils and students from neighbouring educational institutions. 

See a google street view of the site here (the shelter on the photo no longer exist): 

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Click here and experience the bus stop on a cold day in November. 

A bus stop with many possibilities 
The construction must afford shelter from wind and rain, and maybe even offer a warm environment for people waiting, a place where waiting can be a meaningful and pleasant experience. At night the construction should be a cosy haven. The proposal should also take into account, and suggest how the construction could be self-sufficient in terms of energy; provide entertainment and advertising; and be resistant to vandalism. 

What should an idea proposal contain? 
The competition is an opportunity to do some substantial research on glass as a medium, and to become familiar with the wonderful range of glass and glass techniques, which are used today in building and handicraft. 

The competition is focusing on details, so your competition proposal should include drawings or photographs, which show any glass, lighting or design research in model form. 

In order to enter the competition you must upload a picture of your idea, together with a concise description (max. 200 words) of how you intend to meet the challenge. You may also upload film, PDFs or more pictures and illustrations of your idea. 

Check out the inspiration pictures on the right site of the page. Click here to get the references.

To get a sketch of the plan click here. 

Upload sketches and incomplete ideas 
Your idea need not be complete. You are welcome to upload a sketch, which you can finish off later, after you have received feedback from other members, experts and/or from the promoter of the competition. 

How will the ideas be assessed? 
Judging will concentrate particularly on how the project has taken on board the constructional considerations, at the same time demonstrating the aspects of craft and glass techniques. 

Priority will be given to solutions, which seek to discover and communicate the aesthetic aspects of the design, incorporating the static principles of construction and its structural details. 

In addition, proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria: 
- Innovation 
- Functionality 
- The power of the descriptions and drawings to show how crucial details could be solved and what they could look like 
- Aesthetics 
- Feasibility 

How do I enter? 
Anyone is welcome to enter the Transparent Shelter competition and to suggest excellent ideas for a new glass bus stop. In order to enter the competition you must register as a user on Innosite. If you want to enter as a team, you can register as a group on the site here. 

After the competition has closed a jury will choose the winning ideas.  

The panel of judges will consist of: 
- A representative from Holbæk Municipality 
- Frank Tonsberg. Director of EUCNVS 
- Peter Hougaard Nielsen. The United Federation of Danish Workers 
- Bjarne Andersen. Guildmaster. National Glaziers’ Guild of Denmark 
- Olga Popovic Larsen. Professor of Architecture. The Academy of Art’s Departments of Design, Architecture and Conservation (KDAK) 
- Robert Nijsse, Professor of Engineering, Delft University, Senior Partner ABT, NL 
- Mattias Tesfaye. Deputy Chairman SF (Socialist Peoples’ Party) 

Prizes & awards 
3 prizes will be awarded: 

- 1st Prize: DKK 30,000 (4000 EUR.), possible realisation of the idea and presentation at exhibition. 
- 2nd Prize: DKK 10,000 (1300 EUR.) and possible presentation at exhibition. 
- 3rd Prize: DKK 10,000 (1300 EUR) and possible presentation at exhibition. 

The winning project may come to be built 
The goal, after the competition, is to see the winning project thoroughly planned and built on the selected site next to the Glaziers’ Technical College in Audebo, Holbæk, during autumn 2013. 

Construction will be executed in collaboration with students from Technical College, and the finishing process will form part of a subsequent project. Experts will be available for assistance with technical drawings, calculations, advice etc. There will be no remuneration for the finishing of the project. 

Exhibition of the winning project 
In addition to the creation of the bus stop, the plan is to present the winning project in an exhibition, possibly alongside a selection of the other proposals. There will be the opportunity to exhibit drawings, descriptions and models. 

The competition has been made possible by the partnership of the EUCNVS Vocational College, The United Federation of Danish Workers and the National Glaziers’ Guild of Denmark, in association with the Academy of Art’s Departments of Design, Architecture and Conservation (KDAK)