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Solar Dreams

– How can home owners install solar cells and combine aesthetics with efficiency? 

In recent years, solar cells have become increasingly popular among home owners, primarily due to environmental considerations and rising energy prices. But what are the architectural consequences of installing solar cells on our properties? 

With this competition, we are looking for ideas that can inspire to new and well-thought-out solutions in relation to using solar cells – thereby showing how home owners and summer cottage owners can combine solar cells with aesthetics and energy efficiency. 

We are looking for inspiration, ideas, and solutions within three areas: 

1) Integrated solutions:  
How could solar cell panels be implemented on homes or summer cottages in ways which keep the original architecture intact while at the same time adding new qualities to the building? For example by adjusting the standard dimensions of the panels to the proportions of the house, by implementing solar cells on the façades and/or roof or by using solar cells with new proportions and surfaces. 

2) Stand-alone, stationary solutions:  
Due to the architectural style, condition, or site orientation, it might, in certain cases, be best to position the solar cells away from the house, but still stationary on the site (e.g. on carports, sheds, fencing, or similar). How can this be done in an aesthetic and practical way? Can the solar cell panels be used for additional purposes? Can they be installed in a more subtle and less conspicuous manner? Or would it be best if they were visible, thereby sending a signal of green awareness?  

3) Stand-alone, portable solutions:  
How can you construct portable solar cell solutions positioned independently of the house but still relating to the site/plot? An essential fact for this category is that the solutions are mobile/portable and that they will achieve savings on the total energy bill by being an alternative to traditional solutions connected to the electricity supply (e.g. a patio heater, garden lighting, or similar). What might new ideas for such solutions look like and how would you ensure a certain aesthetic level? 

Upload your idea as drawings, pictures, or text. Your proposal can be a finished project or still in its early stages – or it could just be an idea. The only limiting factor being that your idea should be based on existing solar cell technology available to home owners.  

Prizes and Awards 

Three prizes will be awarded to those projects considered best able to combine architectural quality and efficiency: 

1. Best idea in the integrated solution category: 750 EUR 
2. Best idea in the stand-alone, stationary category: 750 EUR  
3. Best idea in the stand-alone, portable category: 750 EUR  

A further two prizes will be awarded to: 
4. The idea with the biggest market potential. This will be assessed on the basis of market size and attractiveness in relation to costs and barriers to realisation: 750 EUR 

5. The most extraordinary and innovative idea: 750 EUR  

Based on the proposals submitted, Realdania will consider the possibilities for further support and financing. 

The winners will be announced on Innosite in August. 


Solar Dreams has been organised by Bolius. As the ‘information centre for all home owners’, Bolius has a vested interest in communicating knowledge and ideas which will increase the quality of privately owned homes. 


The Danish house through time:

The aesthetics of solar cells

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