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Rita Justesen

Rita Justesen is head of the Planning and Architecture Department in CPH City and Port Development. The responsibilities of Planning & Architecture include the development of Ørestad and Nordhavn. Rita’s field of activity covers the whole spectrum: from developing long-term strategies and overall structure for whole urban districts to specific development plans and public space projects. She follows development projects right through to the end, in order to ensure the desired quality of urban districts, public spaces and buildings. In a variety of positions Rita has worked on the continued development and transformation of Copenhagen for more than 25 years.

Tina Saaby

In 2010 Tina Saaby MAA (Master of Architecture) took up her position as Copenhagen’s first ever female city architect. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 1997, and was previously Vice Chair of the Danish Architects’ Association. Until she began her present job, she was a director and partner of Witraz Arkitekter. She has been involved in several public space projects in Copenhagen. Tina has also been a client advisor/process consultant for the conversion of Bispebjerg Crematorium to a centre for dance and movement. Tina’s interests are: diversity, strong identity, even more life in the public arena, and architecture as a pioneer for sustainable behaviour.


Dan Stubbergaard

Dan Stubbergaard founded COBE Architects in 2005 and he is the creative driving force in the daily work at COBE’s Copenhagen office. He is involved in all phases of the studio’s projects, from sketching to design and project management. Alongside his architectural practice, Dan has been teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen from where he himself graduated in 2002. Dan has been appointed member of the new political think tank ‘2025 BYEN’ formed by the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs.

Søren Møller Christensen

Søren Møller Christensen is a partner in the independent consultancy agency, carlberg|christensen, which was established in 2013. He was previously a partner in the consultancy company, Hausenberg. Søren is a graduate of ethnology, thus educated to understand the preconditions of a specific site. He considers it a virtue to develop each individual site on the basis of its unique potential. For more than 13 years Søren has worked in the area of urban development and urban planning on the basis of a cultural and societal perspective. He has realised a wide range of projects, often complex and involving a wide range of stakeholders, usually focused on urban planning, rural development, citizen participation and cultural heritage.

Klaus Kastbjerg

Klaus Kastbjerg represents Christiansholms Ø APS, who are responsible for the rental of premises and properties on Papirøen (“Paper Island”).