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Furnish a temporary urban space, where the view is something you share

Christiansholm is an artificial, dammed up island, located in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour. From 1958 it housed Swedish paper rolls for use in Danish newspaper printing (hence the name “Paper Island”). Read more here. Today the industrial workshops are home to the city’s harbour cruises and a number of creative enterprises. In the not too distant future a coffee shop, restaurant and exhibition centre will be opening. But everything is on a temporary basis, because starting in 2018 the island is to be developed for new urban purposes. As part of an effort to open up the area for the people of Copenhagen and to put the potential of the island to the test, CPH City and Port Development, in association with the island’s tenants, wish to turn the southwest-facing corner of the quay into a public space, with the objective of providing everyone with a magnificent view.

Your idea for converting the corner of the quay should help enhance the island’s visibility, welcome visitors and serve as a meeting point on the island. By doing so, your proposal might serve as inspiration for others, who work with communities, meeting places and temporariness in the city.

The competition area is the southwest facing corner of the quay on Papirøen, covering an area of approx. 100 square metres. This corner is located in an intensive area of Copenhagen Harbour with a view of the development projects on Krøyers Plads/Nordatlantisk Brygge and Kvæsthusmolen. The corner of the quay is free of car traffic, has a fabulous view of the harbour fairway, is located right next to the harbour’s busiest waters (the Christianshavn Canal and Nyhavn) and will be the most visible corner of Papirøen from the new pedestrian and cycle bridges, which are being built across the harbour entrance.

The task

We want a creative, surprising and sensuous proposal for converting the corner of the quay.

The idea must be realisable on top of the existing concrete quay (on account of underground technical facilities). Therefore, the task is to establish an urban space, using some kind of installation or equipment (not to design an urban space in the traditional sense of the word, using paving and planting etc.)

The proposal must be based on the following four principles:

• Joint experience
When it comes to the city’s development, social communities are high on the agenda. The nature of the city as a joint affair is a vital part of the capital’s identity. Your proposal for converting the corner of the quay should investigate how experiencing the view may be something for people to share. The idea should encourage more interaction than simply sitting on the same bench.

• Staging
The special quality of the site is its central location in the harbour and the spectacular views it offers. In summer this is the city’s busiest stretch of water, while on a November evening the Royal Danish Playhouse glows in the twilight. Your proposal for the corner of the quay should help to orchestrate the spectacular view of the water and the city.

• Attract attention
The corner of the quay should help to welcome visitors to Papirøen. Your proposal should be eye-catching, contributing to a sense of openness and accessibility for this previously closed-off industrial area.

• The qualities of the location
We regard the atmosphere of the industrial harbour, its materials and rough character as something positive. Your suggestion could relate consciously to the history and materials of the site.

The framework for the task

• You should illustrate your idea clearly and simply, using photos or drawings. In addition to the visual material, you should describe (max. 200 words), how your idea accommodates the challenges of the competition on the basis of the four principles. The files should be no larger than 20MB.

• No underground work can be involved. The idea must be realisable on top of the existing quay.

• Since it is not possible for boats to dock, the proposal should not include new constructions projecting into or above the water.

• Swimming or fishing from the pier is not permitted.

• Your proposal should be sturdy and, as much as possible, maintenance-free. The estimated lifetime is approx. 4 years. Possibilities for reuse and recycling will be considered positively.

• The overall budget for realisation is expected to be in the region of DKK 150,000.

How do I enter?

In order to upload your idea you must register as a user on

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If you enter as a team, you simply need to register as a group on the site.

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This is a turbo competition, which starts on 20 January. The deadline is 16 February at 11.59 pm. By that time you should have uploaded your proposal on Innosite recommend you to upload your proposal ahead of time as the website can be overloaded around deadline.

Judging and prizes

Entries will be judged in terms of how they relate to the four principles and whether they appear realisable within the framework described.

1st Prize. A cash sum of DKK 20,000 and the opportunity to have the idea realised
2nd Prize. DKK 5,000
3rd Prize. DKK 2,500

The organisers expect to realise the winning idea in early 2014 with COBE architects as the driving force and, as much as possible, in collaboration with the winner.

The winning ideas will be selected by a jury after the competition ends. Learn more about the jury here.

After the contest is over, we award a users’ choice price, which is given to the idea that has been rated the best by the other members on the site. The price is DKK 2,000

Each week we reward the week's best proposals or most active member. So upload your proposal in good time and get feedback on it, and the chance to improve it. Or try to help the others with inspiration and knowledge. 


On 24 January we are holding a kick-off event where you will have the opportunity to get ideas, see the site and ask representatives of the organising group questions.

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Scale drawing

Aerial photo indicating the competition area

How do I enter?

In order to upload your idea you must register as a user on

>> Register as a user here

If you enter as a team, you simply need to register as a group on the site.

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