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The industry has moved away from ‘Papirøen’(The paper Island) and left a stunning views of the harbor and city skyline. In a few years’ time Papirøen will become a major urban development project. In the meantime, it is being used by architecture, design and fashion businesses, and 2014 will see the opening of a restaurant and “Experimentarium”.

Now CPH City and Port Development, in association with the development company Christiansholms Ø ApS, COBE and carlberg|christensen, are inviting entries for an open idea competition on Innosite. The competition gives you the opportunity to convert one of the attractive corners of the island’s quay, concentrating on how we can best share the fabulous views with each other and the rest of the city.
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Tabea - 16/02/14
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Frank Hanssenliked
Image (4430x3213)
Projektforslaget formidler med fuglenes natur en flygtighed og forbigående tilstand, hvor de er gæster, i den periode øen...
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Emiliecommented on TANK RINGS.

Hi Ieva. It is a great way of rethinking the concept of equipment found at a construction site. Should the construction site have extra unused space...

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Olga Sorokinacommented on SVARTBAG.

They are so cute in reality, just visited))

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Olga Sorokinaliked
Image (4430x3213)
Projektforslaget formidler med fuglenes natur en flygtighed og forbigående tilstand, hvor de er gæster, i den periode øen...

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Ana Cristian
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Ib Mogensen
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  • Image (350x350) Ib Mogensen
    Tillykke til vinderne ! Mågeideen (1. pladsen) er ny og super, de 2 andre er ok, men desværre begge set udført før andet sted. Da der er SÅ mange deltagere i konkurrencen, var det måske motiverende - og interessant - for deltagerne at vide, hvem der var med i opløbet (sikkert de ca. 25 stk....). Hilsen fra Ib
  • Image (350x350) Gianpaolo Mastronardi
    Is it possible have the complete classification with respective comment of the juty?thanks
  • Image (350x350) Roman Rutkowski
    I understand the suggestion of early upload, but life is different. I uploaded the text on our idea and 7 or 9 images shortly before the end of the day, but out of these only the text remained after midnight. So it looks the work has been done in vain. :-(
  • Image (350x350) Emilie
    Hej Lars. Der er nu lagt billeder op fra området, som bilag til konkurrenceteksten. Du kan downloade et dokument med billederne via dette link: 91515989-5796_Billeder%20fra%20sitet.docx //Emilie
  • Image (139x139) Lars
    Kan man finde nogle fotos fra området nogen steder? Ikke luftfotos, men i øjenhøjde. På forhånd tak!
  • Image (350x350) Emilie
    Hej Kollektet. Der findes desværre ingen målinger for området (endnu). Men det er meget fint, at overveje/tænke mikroklimaet med i jeres forslag, på et lidt udsat hjørne ved vandet. // Emilie
  • Image (350x350) Kollektet
    Findes der evt. nogle vindmålinger for stedet omkring konkurrence sitet?

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