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The competition ends on 24 October 2013 at 11:59 p.m.

The Danish Architects' Association is holding this competition with the objective of finding innovative, functional ideas for the design of level-free entrances to buildings. Level-free entrances to buildings constitute a basic prerequisite for society to develop in a more equal direction, so that physically challenged men and women are given the same accessibility as every other member of society.
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Taylor Shumateliked
Image (1436x701)
Recessed Threshold Door F...
The Recessed Threshold Door Frame is an affordable and practical solution that can be easily incorporated into all new construction and seamlessly...
Image (139x139)
manas ranjancommented on Hovering Carpet.

Solution is a FLAT surface: incorporating all the characteristics of a STEP, a GUTTER and a CARPET organised efficiently, avoiding shortcomings. The...

Image (350x350)
Gorm Palmgrencommented on Hovering Carpet.

Hard to read the small letters and understand the concept. Frankly, I have no idea what the Hovering Carpet is all about!

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Nanna Dayevaluated
Image (2480x1754)
Ved at tage udgangspunkt i de primære handicapgrupper og se nærmere på deres enkelte behov for at kunne begå sig let i...

The contest is over.
We thank all contributors and congratulate the winners!


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Ulrik Knudsen
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Sadaf Ahadi M.F
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  • Image (350x350) Nina Koch-Ørvad
    Hej Mathias. Ja, du skal uploade en idé her på siden, så er du med i konkurrencen, hvor juryen udvælger de tre bedste forslag. /Nina
  • Image (350x350) Mathias Thomsen Schmidt
    Hvordan bliver man deltager i konkurrencen her på hjemmesiden? Er det først når man oploader idé?

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