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The Metro company is on the lookout for innovative ideas to create pleasant, temporary urban space, whilst the work on the metro is in progress, by transforming the construction site fence.

The competition runs from February 4 to March 18 2013.
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Honorable mention


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sara palmieriliked
Image (750x1134)
beware of the plants
We realize, as time goes by, us Architects, we live a lie. We modernize, we do increase,but with our change, there comes disease. Taking...
Image (350x350)
Thilo Reichevaluated
Image (1372x703)
Blow down wall
CONCEPT. Idea. This wall is aimed to lessen tension that city creates inside an individuum. People that for some reasons are unable to exhibit their...
Image (350x350)
Giordano Kochliked
Image (180x130)
growing up fence
The proposal aims to create a fence that evolve as does the construction of the metro. In a first phase the fence is a sculptural object and...
Image (350x350)
olivia edouardliked
Image (1280x960)
Forest, Wind, Leaves.
The daily synergistic exercise that lead us to join the hustle and bustle of the city can be compensated by taking a small break in the enchanted...

The contest is over.
We thank all contributors and congratulate the winners!


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Nina Gräf
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Lukáš Valenčin
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  • Image (350x350) Nina Koch-Ørvad
    Contratulation to the winners and the honorable mentions. Good job, everyone! I really think the standard of the ideas has been very high in this competition.
  • Image (350x350) sara palmieri
    The timeline is gone...good luck to eveeybody!!!
  • Image (140x140) Mimi Larsson
    @ Thomas Raben-Lange: the current decoration will be dismantled after the summer. The full cost of it is unknwn to us, because the artist supplemented our support with funding from other sources.
  • Thomas Raben-Lange
    Hi. I see the wall already got an artistic decoration. Is something wrong with that? (looks like it costed more than 40K that´s available for a new design)
  • Image (350x350) Metteog Mogensen
    Tak for svar!
  • Image (140x140) Anna Bisgaard-Nøhr
    @Metteog Mogensen: Desværre har vi ikke nogle mere præcise tegninger af stedet. Og jo I er nød til at forholde jer til det hegn der er der pt. Cyklerne skal jo stadig forbi... håber det var svar på jeres spørgsmål. Held og lykke i konkurrencen.
  • Image (140x140) Anna Bisgaard-Nøhr
    Hi all! You can upload unlimited ammount of ideas, but I will encourage you rework on your ideas when you have got feedback on them. That might give you better chances in the competition. Good luck!
  • Image (350x350) Samuel David
    few ideas you can upload per person?
  • Image (350x350) Ieva Butkute
    Hello! I was wondering if there is any limit for the proposals number per person/group?
  • Image (350x350) Metteog Mogensen
    Vi har et spørgsmål til det eksisterende. Cykelstien der løber langs den ene del af hegnet kan man vel ikke ændre på og den må derfor medtænkes i løsningen? Der er i dag et hegn der adskiller cykelsti og Caféområdet det kan man vel heller ikke fjerne og det må derfor også indtænkes i løsningen? Og til sidst, er det muligt at få en mere detaljeret situationsplan der viser cykelstien og andre vigtige forhold?
  • Image (140x140) Mimi Larsson
    The Cityring metro line will open in 2018, and this fence will probably be here until 2017. However, we change installations at variable intervals, so we expect your installation to be durable enough to last for at least one year, but not for the full period.
  • Image (350x350) Alberto
    How long will the actual construction site last? In other words: for how much time will the fence be used? Thanks.
  • Image (139x139) Federica Partinico
    Hi! I would like to know which is the depth of the plywood structure; and saying "The material is not changeable" means we cannot even modify the wall, for example piercing it or adding windows? Thanks!
  • Image (140x140) Mimi Larsson
    Hi everyone. I'm happy that you are already posting ideas! Here is some bonus information: The windows in the fence are fixed and they allow people to follow the construction work at the very spot where the deep station box is placed.
  • Image (140x140) Anna Bisgaard-Nøhr
    Hi All. The wall is made of plates of plywood. The material is not changeable neither are the 3 windows. Please check out the drawing of elevation and plan (Scale 1:100): 0336004,8348_Metrovaeg_1_100_dk.pdf I believe it will answer your questions.
  • Image (350x350) olivia edouard
    Hello! Some questions: What is the wall made of originally? Concrete or wood? Can we change this material? Can we choose the position or the window shape? In relation with this proposal the long of the wall is 21 + 2.5 + 22.5 metres, isn´t it? Thanks!
  • Image (350x350) Gerry R.B.
    it would be nice if we now the interesting points behind the wall, to know the most interesting spots for the 4 windows.
  • Image (350x350) Christian Galluccio
    The competition looks interesting. However, without a plan (scale 1:100) it is impossible to realize a project. The images of the site on google street view are old and unusable. Can you do something? Thanks.

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